His punches were harder than they ever had been before. He was pissed at me. I screamed as he threw a glass beer bottle at me. I turned around and ran toward the door hoping this one time God might let me escape.

That wasn't the case.

He threw something softer, a pillow. The object flew in my line of sight causing me to stumble and lose my balance. I screamed falling to the floor. My hands scraped on something from the floor. I brought my hand to my face to find a deep cut from the palm of my hand down to my wrist. Whatever cut my hand barely missed my vein by inches.

My eyes widen when I felt him grab my ankle. I started trying to move out of his grip. I kicked his face succeeding in kicking him in the nose. He screamed from the blow that no doubt broke the bone in his nose.

I scrambled to my feet and ran for the door once again. I almost screamed in relief when my hands grabbed the handle of the front door. Until, I heard the click of a shot gun from behind me. My eyes widen as I turned around meeting the blue eyes of my ex-boyfriend and ex-friend, Mike Newton pointing a gun at my chest.

The last thing he said before he pulled the trigger, "If I can't have you, Cullen certainly won't have you."

The last thing I heard was the sound of the gun going off and the bullet pushing me out the door of Mike's house.

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