The Ending Or The Start

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Beca's P.O.V
It was a cold and dark Friday night at the Barden University campus, it made me shiver. I left the party because I really couldn't handle anything anymore. It was supposed to be a distraction but the pain i was trying to avoid can rushing back tonight. This is it now i give up on life and I wasn't afraid or nervous in a way. I always had suicidal thoughts but I had always found something to fight for something to stay alive for. Most of the time it was the same thing and that thing was a person a very special person with soft curly ginger hair. She has bright blue eyes and a slightly taller figure. She also had a boyfriend that kept her busy which also cause her to move out. I was ready to do this. Next to me was 20 feet of air followed by 40 feet of water. I was standing on the bridge of Barden University. I made my calculations and I shouldn't live this jump and I hope I'm right cuz the worst thing that can happen is surviving a suicide attempt. Some part of me wonders if this is wrong but then I keep on thinking about how I lost everything I cared about. That use to not matter cuz I had Chloe but now she is gone. I thought of how much I loved her and of everything that happened get overwhelmed with emotions i couldn't control. I then back away from the bridge and started to cry falling to my knees. That's when I felt someone out of breath and crying wrap her arms around me. Before you know what happened next you need to know this...

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