Chapter 24 - Bad Behavior

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"Ricciardo? That's his name?" Isabella asks confused looking up at Minttu

"No you silly, that's his last name. His name is Daniel, Daniel Ricciardo."

"So he's the biggest boss around?"

"No he comes after Raikkonen, Hamilton and Giovinazzi who's working in Great Britain temporarily. Ricciardo is in the same level as Hulkenberg. But there's also Alonso, Vettel, those are the one's I've meet. Cosa Nostra has tons of men."

"Then Ricciardo is the man I have to get close to? "

" Main target, yes. With all that beauty and stunning body, you'll steal his heart for sure! "

"Madam? The master wants to see you!" Bella hears the knock on her door an hour later. She rolls her eyes when Valtteri says through his teeth clearly mad at what she did.
But For once Isabella wants Daniel to feel the way she feels, but how?

"Coming!" Bella replies eyeing the bathsuit she brought with Valtteri the first time she had the approval to go out. That had to work.

A dangerous smirk covers her lips when she puts the cover on top, hiding the little surprise inside. This HAD to work!

Isabella Sighs jerking her neck to one side and another before her eyes meet Valtteri's neutral cold orbs. He wasn't happy at all, and he definitely had reasons. Val only signals to the kitchen where Daniel is supposed to be trying to avoid any type of contact with Bella.

Daniel's eyes are focused on his phone when his mouth announced. "I'm sorry Isabella, I had a few things to fix, please sit let's finish our-"

"I'm not hungry, thanks!" Daniel looks up, eyes slightly widen, scanning her from her toes, landing on her brown eyes.

"You told me you were really hungry." Bella shrugs airly looking outside the glass doors.

"Not anymore, lost my appetite. Can I go now? I really wanna try the pool. It's warm today isn't it?" she exclaims airily untying the cover in front. "Or that's also forbidden, sir?" she petitioned dangerously annoyed, causing Daniel eyes to furrow.

"No, it's not, but why are.. -"

"Awesome!" she cuts him side smiling, still avoiding eye contact with him.

"Hey? Isabella? Hey? I wasn't done yet? What the.. -"

"I am listening, Master!" Isabella replies tiredfully. "It's just that I believe we don't have nothing to talk about!" she remarked.

"But you're not even letting me finish! What is wrong with you?" Daniel questioned getting confused and more annoyed.

"I just want to swim, Master. Is that a big problem?" she declared removing the overall.

Daniel says something under his breath before his eyes scan her again and land on her eyes steadily. "Isabella!" he scolded impatiently.

"Do you have sunscreen or something? Gosh imagine me getting sunburned for absolute no reason!" Isabella laughs coldly turning into her back to him.

Daniel groans something glancing sideways. "Have you lost something here? Don't you fucking dare to look here or I swear I'll shot your balls with my own gun right fucking now!" Daniel warns the security by both sides, who were casually looking at Bella. His reaction only making her laugh a bit harder.

"Oh please Master! Pretty things are made to be seen." she winks walking to the pool sticking her toes to feel the cooling water.

"What did you just said?" he called out confused.

"It's so damn cold!" she replies ignoring his comment.

"Isabella!" his voice is serious now compared to the other times, when Bella starts humming a random song. "Isabella?" he grabs her arm turning her around.

"Yes sir?"

"Hey? What's going on? Is this because I shouted at you? I'm really sorry I was just angry. Now tell me what's wrong?" he pleaded searching for something inside her eyes but finding nothing at all.

"Master!" she laughs sarcastically. "I just want to swim in this awesome pool!" Daniel nods looking at the distance.

"That's all you want? To swim? Okay let's do it!" replies looking down at her taking his jacket off. "Let's go Isabella! Let's fucking swim!" he continues unbuttoning his white shirt, throwing it at the same place his jacket is. Isabella's eyes widen I bit suddenly understanding what was happening. "Didn't you want to swim? Let's do it, come!" he says stepping closer to Bella who would have fallen into the pool if Daniel hadn't held her by her waist.

Isabella starts feeling a bit nervous with the proximity, a certain warmth consuming her inside as those brown hazelnuts stared deep into her confused scared eyes. She tries to walk away but Daniel pulls her back by her arm, her breath quickening their warm bodies colliding against each other. Isabella can feel his breath fanning against her, his pupils dilated.
Isabella couldn't take her eyes off him, and so couldn't Daniel. He was getting closer by the seconds and Isabella's mind registered what was about to happen. Daniel was feeling hypnotized by Bella's eyes, his body wanting to do dangerous things to her, wanting to explore all that pure soul coming through her bright eyes.

He closes his eyes, closing the minimal gap between the two of them, his hands helping to bring her closer to him his noses touching slightly, he felt Isabella holding her breath, her heart quickening by the move, her hands already finding their way through his ribcage, her warms fingertips causing him goosebumps causing a sigh to escape his lips, his warm vodka breath fanning over her face, giving her even more goosebumps.

"Master, we have an emergency." Valtteri's voice brought both Daniel and Bella to reality, the Italian almost falling on her knees. Thankfully Daniel was holding her in place. "I'm sorry we have an emergency, code Red!" Valtteri says a bit more steady and panicked.

Daniel sighs nodding, he doesn't bother to take his jacket or his shirt, instead he just gives a few steps back still nodding. Daniel doesn't look at her, he tries hard to avoid eye contact with her. Not what she wanted

" Hey? We're not done!" Isabella says brushing her hair. "Daniel?" she pleads.

"I'm quite busy now, Isabella! I have... -" he starts. "I have to work."

"We're not done!"

"Yes, we are done!"

"DANIEL WE ARE NOT DONE!" Isabella took a deep breath closing her eyes to calm herself down. "You're never here to listen to me, do you think that just leaving a rose and going to whoever knows where will do something? No! We're not fucking done! I'm tired of this!"

"Fucking hell!" Daniel curses under his breath shaking his head. He walks back to Isabella grabbing her by her arm. "Alright, let's fucking do this then." He exclaims nodding to Valtteri. "Isabella is coming with us!"


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