Chapter 17

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We walked the area for some time. My eyes wandered around and saw rusty container vans being stacked high, some old warehouses and moldy crates were scattered around. The area was deserted and it was eerily quiet. I could hear the faint sound of the ocean waves from a distance and some seagulls flying nearby.

"Pierce, I swear if you're my murderer, I would just like to say that I'm haunting your ass for the rest of your life." I voiced out my thoughts aloud and glared at him. He started to laugh uncontrollably. His teeth were perfectly straight as he tried to keep his smile from stretching over. The dimple was distinctly showing as his stubble no longer hid it away. He was turning pink from the lack of air, clutching his abdomen. I folded my arms and waited for him to stop laughing.

He held his hand up, surrendering. Pierce still grinning, "Just trust me, okay?"

Huffing, I stuck my tongue out.

"Real mature," he chuckled, grabbing my hand as he led the way to our unknown destination.

Awhile after, I could hear laughter and loud voices of people from afar. I looked up at Pierce who was already smiling down at me. He stopped then I followed his gaze as to where he was looking. It was as if he had taken me somewhere magical. Finally making out exactly where we were, he took me to the wharf but it wasn't an ordinary place. It was secluded, no boats or yachts being docked at this side.

They had turned this place into a winter fair. From afar to my left, I could see the shore glinting with fine white sand. There were no people sinking their feet onto the sand since the wind and water was too cold for this season.

To my right, there were arrays of food stalls lined up against the chipped white walls of an abandoned two-story building. I could also see booths that entailed some games and souvenir items.

At the end of the wharf, there was a rotating Ferris wheel that would be perfect for viewing the ocean and the city of New York from above. Lastly, to my center line of vision was a boardwalk that led further into the ocean. There was a round wooden structure that could accommodate a small function. I would have to find out what was going on inside later.

My mouth fell open from wonder, taking in the place around me.

"What do you think?" I turned to Pierce who was sheepishly smiling while he rubbed the nape of his neck.

Was Pierce being bashful? That's a first.

I didn't answer right away. Pursing my lips, I was deep in thought. No one ever showed this much effort to surprise me. It was unexpected. I was a hopeless romantic in which I wanted something that was well-thought of. Not just red roses and a fancy dinner but something relatively such as this, simple but meaningful. My heart swelled and somehow I felt something tug right in there.

I gazed back to those hazel eyes and smiled genuinely, "I love it so much." I breathed.

He beamed and I could tell that he took pride on what he had planned for me. "Hugh gave me a few pointers."

"Thank you." I sincerely told him. "It's really weird that you're both scheming behind my back."

I earned a chuckle from him, "I wanted this day to be perfect."

"How did you find out anyway?" I asked him curiously. Their friendly interaction didn't go unnoticed during Thanksgiving dinner at Hugh's.

He shrugged, "It's not important. Why didn't you tell me?"

"I did but you would always cut me off. You've been busy being jealous." I joked as I lightly punched his arm.

He backed me up against an empty container van, trapping me with both of his arms. Smirking, he stared as his face inched closer. My heart flipped from the suddenness. His breath fanned my face that made me shudder, in a good way.

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