Chapter eleven

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Harry was in the car, sitting next to Dudley, as he whined that he didn't want to sit with the 'freak'.

He was still in pain from his beating a few days ago, but hid it well. He had a barely noticeable limp and his grimace was hidden so well you couldn't tell it was there. 

He was abruptly thrown from the car, dragging his trunk behind him, and somehow, in a blur, made his way onto platform 9 3/4. He boarded the train, and claimed an empty compartment as his own. He leaned against the wall, a little behind the window, when he saw the initials T.M.R carved into the wooden window pane. Harry never thought Tom (his father?) to be one for graffiti, if that's what you could call it. 

There were hundreds initials in the wall, and he decided to scratch his into the woodwork near Toms. H.J.P/R written in his untidy scrawl under the notably neater one. He stuck his nose in a book, and that was that. 

He pulled Bellona out from under his oversized, ripped t-shirt and let her bathe in the sunlight, making small talk. She quickly fell asleep and Harry decided to talk to Tom, when a girl with bushy brown hair and rather large front teeth opened his compartment door,

"Excuse me but have you seen a toad? A boy called Neville has lost one." She said rather rudely, Harry raised his eyebrow at the fidgeting pudgy blonde boy behind the girl. "Whats its name?" He asked, sliding the diary back into his pocket. "T-trevor!" The small boy squeaked, and Harry raised his wand, "Accio Trevor the toad." He swished his wand lazily and a few seconds later the fat speckled toad was in his hand, 

"Trevor!" The boy rushed forward, thanking Harry like a saint.

Oh, the irony. 

He rushed off clutching the toad to his chest. 

"I haven't heard of that spell yet, it isn't in the first year curriculum. Are you a first year? Oh, I'm Hermione Granger by the way." Harry felt like letting Bellona have a go at her, as she took the seat opposite him. "It is in the fourth year curriculum, I am a first year and the names Harry." He didn't feel like giving away his last name.

The girl, Granger, who was clearly a mudblood, wouldn't shut up. This was going to be a very long seven hour trip. Unless he lost his cool and killed the girl.

It was a growing possibility. 

When he was looking up a ginger boy opened the door, "Excuse me? Can I sit here?" Harry wanted the world to swallow him whole. He groaned, "Sure, but sit over there, my snake wont appreciate being sat on." He motioned lazily at the galaxy themed snake by his book he was reading.  

Both children squeaked, but quickly settled, "I'm Ron, Ron Weasley." The ginger boy said, rubbing the dirt that Hermione had pointed out from his nose. "Pleasure." The darker haired child mused, reading his personal potions text. "Why are you reading? We aren't at school yet." The boy asked, "Knowledge is power, and silence is gold. Now shut up and leave me alone." He replied dryly, flipping the page. The boy snorted as Hermione pulled out a book, too, and the ginger boy huffed, crossing his arms.

Harry bit his lip, when he came across an equation he couldn't answer, "The lizard saliva would cancel out the poppy seeds do the calming draught would have no effects at all, leading the consumer into a state of panic, unless... unless you added root of elder, but it would stop it barely, and the consumer would still be in a state of unsure panic, possibly boiling in a golden cauldron but that could counteract the wild mushrooms, turning the entire potion into a deadly poison." Harry mumbled to himself, growing more frustrated as he went. The other two looked at his strange, 

"Bloody hell!" He exclaimed, taking out his potions study book and note pad, figuring it all out before consulting Tom, who explained and told him he was right in his theories, and the potion was in fact very hard to brew. It took exact precision. Severus Snape, one of Toms former followers, was the only person he could recall that could brew it without it having negative effects. It just turns out that this Snape person was due to be his potions professor. Harry was ecstatic about that. However, he may hate Harry quite dearly. 

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