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Prologue | The Call

January 2016

"Hello, is this Eirene Wales?" The soft voice asked.

"Yes, this is she." Eirene answered.

"Good, I'm a nurse at St Mary's Hospital and we have an infant here. You have an hour to come and pick her up." The nurse said.

"Excuse me, there must be a mistake." Eirene said.

"You said you're Eirene Wales, so there is no mistake. Please come to the hospital and pick up the infant." She said hanging up the phone.

"What's wrong?" Beatrice asked.

"Beatrice, can you tell the driver to head to St Mary's Hospital." Eirene replied.

"Why, what's going on?" Beatrice asked.

"That's what I'm going to find out." Eirene answered as Beatrice told the driver to go to St Mary's.

When they got to the hospital, they quickly exited the car. Eirene and Beatrice walked in and they walked to reception signing in to check in with the nurse, Eirene talked to. The nurse walked up to them and was shocked to see the two princesses there.

"I'm Eirene Wales, we spoke on the phone." Eirene said as she shook the nurse's hand.

"Your Royal Highness, I had no idea it was you. I'm nurse Jada Malone." Nurse Jada said as she dip into a cursty.

"Oh no, please no need to cursty, Jada. Can you please explain to us how you get my information to contact me about this infant?" Eirene asked.

"That's what we found on the mother's chart. It must be a mistake. I'm sorry we bothered you." Nurse Jada.

"No, it's okay. Can I see the infant? Also, can you run a few tests on the infant for me and find the doctor for me?" Eirene asked.

"Yes, Your Highness." Jada answered.

"Eirene, are you sure it's wise to be doing this?" Beatrice asked.

"I need to know what's going on, Trixie." Eirene answered.

Soon Jada returned with the doctor who was even more shocked.

"Hello, Your Royal Highnesses, I'm doctor Emily Bloomsbury, nurse Malone has informed me you are here about infant Jane Doe." Dr Bloomsbury said.

"The infant has no name." Beatrice said.

"Yes, Your Royal Highness, it seems that the mother escaped from her room early this morning and the only information we had on her chart was her emergency contact which is you, Your Royal Highness." Dr Bloomsbury said, looking at Eirene.

"Dr Bloomsbury, I would like for you to test the infant for me, just to make sure she is okay and can we do a DNA test to find her parents." Eirene said.

"Yes, ma'am." Dr Bloomsbury said.

After the baby had been checked out, she saw the baby was okay and healthy. She would call Eirene back to find out if there was a DNA match to find out who this baby belonged too in a few days.

"Thank you so much, Dr Bloomsbury and nurse Malone." Eirene said as she held the baby in her arms.

"Have a good night, Eirene, Beatrice." Dr Bloomsbury said, walking away.

"Goodnight, Eirene, Beatrice." Nurse Jada said, following Dr Bloomsbury.

"She's beautiful isn't she?" Eirene mentioned as she softly stroked the baby's little chubby cheek gently.

"Definitely like a little cutie." Beatrice chuckled smiling down at the little infant in her cousin's arms.

"I can't imagine why anyone want to give away this little girl." She sighed sadly feeling bad for the abandoned little angel.

"Neither do I Eirene...I'm sure someone will claim her and would want her back." Beatrice told her as she rubbed her back knowing maybe one of the parents would want this little baby back and reunite with her.

"Beatrice, What if they don't want her, do you think I should keep Adela because I don't want to see her go to a foster home and I could take care of her, you know be her mother and adopt her." Eirene suggested to Beatrice and she wanted this little baby to have a life that she truly deserved.

"Adela? You named her. Eirene, this a lot of responsibility. How will the family react? Especially granny and your father." Beatrice said.

"Yes, Adela, it fits her. I can handle my father and granny won't need that much convincing." Eirenne said.

"So what's going to happen now?" Beatrice asked.

"We're taking her home till they can find her real parents, the doctor promised to call me as soon as the DNA results have come in till then I will keep her." Eirene said as she wrapped the little bundle joy warmly to keep her warm.

"I feel so bad for this poor little thing, whoever abandoned her here by herself has to be crazy or didn't even want her." Beatrice said.

Eirene felt her heart break for the abandoned little girl.

"I'm sure you will take good care of her for now just until they find her parents." Beatrice reassured her as she smiled.

"If nobody wants Adela, I'll adopt her." Eirene told her wanting a baby of her own.

"You'll be a great mother but Eirene are you prepared for the backlash and scrutiny from the public." Beatrice said.

"I can handle it." Eirene said.

"Then you have my support." Beatrice said.

"Thank you, Trixie." Eirene said.

"You're welcome, now let's get this little home." Beatrice said, they tried to leave the hospital without being noticed. Twenty-five minutes later they got to Kensington Palace quite exhausted and all they wanted to do is try and get some sleep.

Once they reached Eirene's apartment, Beatrice helped Eirene set up a small bassinet that Kate had left over for when Charlotte slept over when Eirene babysit the kids then Beatrice went to the guest room to get some sleep as she had a big day tomorrow.

"Goodnight little angel." Eirene said as she smiled softly at the small little infant who laid sleeping in the bassinet. Once she knew the little one was asleep, she got into her bed and snuggled with her pillow until sleep called out to her.

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