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Chapter 17

Nicholas St.Claire


                I sat in the backseat of the car with Libby still cradled on my lap while the rest of the occupants were silent, each lost in their own thoughts. I concentrated on the calming heartbeats of my mate to keep my anger in check. Libby had long since stopped crying and was now engrossed in a pitiful sleep. From the way her eyebrows were scrunched and the death grip she had on my shirt, I could tell that whatever she was dreaming about was scaring her. My anger rose as I thought of what that vile person almost did to her. He didn’t even deserve to be called a person. I would have gladly continued to beat him dead but the look on Libby’s face had somehow broken through my angry haze. Her expression had scared me the most. I had expected her to look scared or angry, but not blank. She was curled up in the corner with the bleak eyes and an emotionless face. She had tears streaming down her face and every once in a while, panic would seep into her eyes before it faded away. I knew that becoming emotionally reclusive was only learned when you had gone through many tough ordeals. Somehow, that tidbit of information made me angrier than her near sexual assault. If she had mastered keeping her emotions in check in such a situation, then it meant she’d been in a similar one.

                That didn’t sit well with me.

                “Nick?” Lilly broke the silence. She was sitting next to me but was as far away as the seat would allow. I think I knew the reason behind her space but didn’t comment.

                “What?” My voice was soft and quiet as to not wake Libby up. I gave Lilly a look to make sure she knew to keep her voice down as well.

                “Is she your mate?” We were stopped at a red light and Dustin and Sasha turned around from the front seat to look at me.

I contemplated my answer for a moment. I didn’t want to deny it but it didn’t feel right, telling them before I told Libby. Telling Libby, though, that would be a whole different conversation because it would involve me telling her about my wolf. Even then, there was always the chance that she could reject me. I don’t know what I would do if it came to that. Ever since we shared our first kiss, I’ve been thinking that maybe having a mate isn’t so bad. If I told her the truth, then perhaps I would be able to protect her better. I failed tonight at protecting her but I wouldn’t let that happen ever again. Libby was mine to love and protect and while I messed up the first time, I’m hoping she’ll give me a second chance. I looked up and realized everyone was still waiting for my answer. While I really didn’t want to tell them just yet, I needed to explain my actions.

“Yes.” I sighed. Lilly broke into a huge grin and even Sasha smiled a bit.

“Congratulations.” Lilly whispered, staring at my mate with excitement in her eyes. Dustin merely rolled his eyes, having already guessed this a while ago.

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