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with the lights all switched off, save for the small bulb that has a yellow sheen on the shower curtain, ballads whispered softly into her ears through a pair of earphones that were barely clinging onto her ear. the tears that stained her favorite shirt dried in blotches, leaving her eyes drier than a desert. with one hand she tapped away on her phone, wiping nose with the other, trying to console a friend. but her friend was too far away and the moon rose over the roof high, the time in the corner of the screen reading midnight. it will be okay, she murmured to herself. she'll be okay. everything will be okay even if her gut said otherwise. but she continued tapping away, only dryly laughing at her sad attempt at a joke before her lips returned to its curled frown. it will be okay she'll be okay everything will be okay she wanted to hear her voice, her friend's voice, once full of humor, now probably scratchy from tearing up, but she had to stay quieter than a rock, making sure that her parents didn't know she wasn't fast away in bed like her perfect brother.

then she felt the air thicken, becoming tense. then she heard footsteps, the flip flap of rubber slippers. her heart nearly stopped when the door swung open. "what are you doing—"


a quick little thing based on how ive been feeling in the last few hours

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