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T W E N T Y   T H R E E

C H A P T E RT W E N T Y   T H R E E

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IT ALL WENT SO FAST. THE SECOND HE REMEMBERED HE DESPISED The Doctor's personality, now he was liking the Doctor's attitude, but except that, After he was released from the hospital wing— 3 days he spent there.

Jazeon didn't really want to go back to the Orphanage this year, but it seems to him that the children there matters more than his own opinion, and that was what the problem was, he was being a softy around children, and the voice mysteriously voiced it's dislike to it.

Jazeon's opinion didn't matter to himself whenever it came to visiting the children in the orphanage, what makes this voice any different?

If this voice is expecting me to respect and choose it's opinion, he can kiss my arse, It's opinion doesn't matter for it to be thinked as a Queen's commandment I need to obey. Jazeon's thoughts would be for that thicked face— or voice in this matter.

During his stay on the hospital wing, The Doctor and Jazeon is really getting along real well, which brought The two to start with first name basis. Jazeon casually calling the Doctor, Kalmin, but Doctor infront of others to show respect.

And while the Doctor liked shortening Jazeon's name, Jazeon was often called: Jaze, Zeon, Ze, J, etc.

Jazeon wasn't planning on seeing Remus Lupin again, but he was kinda hoping to meet him, and well, share their love for Chocolates and argue about which sweets taste best.

For Jazeon, Licorice wands and chocolate wands were the best, while Remus liked Chocolate frogs and cauldron cake best. Sure, Jazeon liked Remus' choices of sweets, and he himself loves those too, but Licorice wands and Chocolate wands stood out to him the most.

And while the two spent the other night trying all the sweets including Peppermint Toads, Which wasn't that bad and which Jazeon and Remus kinda liked.

Pumpkin Pasty was delicious in Jazeon's opinion, the way how the sweet would leave a taste of pumpkin in his mouth satisfied him, he liked how it reminded him of the baked goods his mother used to baked for him and his father.

Bat's blood soup was weird, there were times where it would taste sour and sweet, Remus seems to really dislike it, and so does Jazeon, the blood part of the name gave him anxiety and disgust, who would want to drink Bat's blood?

Acid Pops was quite a thing in hogwarts, it was a sweet in which will leave a sourly taste that can be described for Acid not literally, but Jazeon didn't really like it, it was too sour for his liking.

Chocoballs was something the two could share their love of, it would leave a magical taste you can't describe in your mouth which satisfied enough human beings including Jazeon.

Chocolate Cauldron was amusing, from how much it really does resembles a real cauldron, a one chubby clueless boy tried mixing a potion in there once, it resulted the cauldron melting and the potion going everywhere and leaving those who touched it, acne.

Fizzing Whizzbees, though it was pretty much delicious for Most, it could be really amusing, Jazeon had Remus try one first which made Remus float to the ceiling and Jazeon had to pull Remus down with a long stick since his wand wasn't really immune to spells.

They tried out many more, which resulted a sore throat in the morning and it leading to events on why Jazeon was stuck on the Infimary for 3 and a half days.

And since Christmas was really near, there were some rich spoiled arrogant purebloods who went home early, excusing themselves saying they had business, and Jazeon could already tell those business they say couldn't be trusted.

Skipping halloween, there would only 20 more days for Christmas, and being able to got to hogsmede gave Jazeon an advantage. That was what he was doing currently, he was dressing up for the first hogsmede trip this year.

Jazeon and Regulus are in Jazeon's dorm, his dorm mates already left early to catch those butterbeers up, while Regulus went to Jazeon's dorm wanting to catch up with his friend as soon as possible since Regulus wasn't exactly on age to visit hogsmede.

"They should have changed the age limit to 12 years old." Regulus would complain while Jazeon would chuckle at Regulus's unlikely whines.

Jazeon shook his head chuckling at Regulus' words and sat beside the younger boy who sat by the edge of his (Jazeon's) bed.

"One more clear year, Reg, You won't have to complain." Jazeon teased a little as Regulus rolled his eyes at the taller boy.

"I'm not complaining, Jaze, I'm merely saying." Regulus reasoned as this was Jazeon's turn to roll his eyes at him.

"There's not much of a difference, The only difference is on how the person would use 'saying' as." Jazeon stated as he wrapped a Slytherin scarf around his neck.

And apparently noone still knows that Jazeon would be attending the Ball, Regulus has been telling him how the Slytherins would be on their knees to him when they found out, and while Jazeon called it bluff, That would be really amusing to see.

"There're a HUGE Difference!" The younger boy exclaimed as Jazeon just chuckled and stood up.

"Whatever you say there." Jazeon just said as he examined himself on the mirror. If Jazeon would have took care of himself more, he would appear as a god.

Jazeon was wearing something simple, just a pair of black jeans, a grey crew neck sweater long sleeves, white shoes he usually wears. The shoes and sweater was a donation from somewhere and to the orphanage, and He had much enough time to take that.

Spending 10 more minutes there, he finally went to the where the rest are to got to, Hogsmede. After he handed Professor Mcgonagall the paper slip, he immediately went to one carriage.

Something that would Change his life forever . . .

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