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1. Wedding

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1. Wedding

"I do."

The words stung. Worse than I imagined. Rebecca's eyes welled; she happily leaned against Dawson while their fingers remained locked. I glanced across the church, the walls were decorated with red roses and white candles. A solemn mood consumed the atmosphere. I couldn't bear to look at Dawson so I focused on Rebecca. She kept wiping her face as tears streamed down her cheeks. She wore a shimmering gown, which featured a faux wrap that cinched around her waist, and a breakfront skirt covered with expensive beading. Her train flowed behind her.

Why is he marrying her?

I heard teary sniffs beside me, I slowly turned to see mom soaking her face into a small towel. When she noticed me she reached for my hand and smiled. I returned with a plastic smile.

Why'd he kiss me?

I couldn't get him out of my head... What he did and what he told me.

Don't look at him.

Don't look at him!

My eyes moved on their own, they drifted toward the groom and became locked on his hair. That fiery red hair which I use to believe he dyed, 'no one has red orange hair,' I would say until he threatened to show me his pubic hair. I noticed his mane had been styled neatly across his face, he obviously did himself since it's always styled so accurately like he has obsessive-compulsive disorder. Even his eyebrows are cut perfectly.

Stop looking at him!

My eyes traveled to his face, his eyes... Those eyes. I clutched my fists, my favorite thing about him. Not just because they possess a color similar to a green apple. But, look at them, spell bounding.  We were at home talking on the porch, he was telling me about his boyhood dream of being a pirate and I noticed them.

"Susannah!" Mom nudged me, she rose to her feet and I quickly followed. Rebecca leaned in for the kiss, I didn't want to look but I suddenly realized those apple eyes were piercing me. Dawson turned before anyone noticed and returned the kiss. Cheers erupted around me, I wanted to pretend to be happy but I couldn't move. My face remained stoic.

I'm just a fourteen year old kid, of course he doesn't want me, my eyes shook.

"But why'd you have to marry my sister?" I muttered.

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