Part 1 - Meet

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Natashya's pov,

Charles asked the boys who I should care and train got into his office. I looked at them one by one.

"Sit down,boys. I called you because want to introduce your new bodyguard and gym trainer" Charles assured them to sit.

They looked at me. From head to toe.

"What?!" They shouted. It hurts my ears.
"But she's a girl" one of them said. The curly one.

"I'm the manager or you guys?" Charles raised his eyebrows.

"This time I paid a girl for taking care of your crazy stupid minds. She will stay with you guys too" Charles continued.

"What the heck,man..." the boys who wore spectacles said.

"It's because your old bodyguards can't take care of 4 of you. They only stayed for 3 or 4 months then they stopped working"

"All of you just keep pranking them and it's the worst prank. They can't stand it"

"If the old bodyguards can't handle us and they are men. Do you think a girl can handle us?" A black hair boy smirked.

"We will see,man" I replied with a smirk too.

"Okay guys, now bring her back to your house. Show where it is and this is her first day working. Chill out" Charles looked at me and them.

"Alright Charles" they smiled but something suspicious with it. They walked out from the office and I followed them.

"What's your name,girl?" One of them asked me.

"Natashya" I got into the SUV. "Nice name"

The driver drove away from the company and I can see from the corner of my eyes, they were on the phone. I think I know why.

"Nat...can I call you that?" I nodded.

"By the way, I forgot to introduce ourselves. I'm Ashton. This is Luke. There's at the back from the left is Calum and Michael" he smiled.

I knew it. Charles told me already. I just nodded.

"Urrmm we just want to buy something at the mall. Do you need anything too?"

"No,thanks. I have everything I need" I shook my head.


"Very sure"

"Okay,just follow us. It's your first day" Ashton gave me that giggly smiles and shows off his dimple.

I looked out from the window.

*skips the driving*

All of us walked into the mall and let them walked infront of me. I watched them from back.

For an hour I followed them and they bought some clothes and boots. I guess they already have a lot of those things because they're in the band.

Of course they have many.

But I realised they always walked to the crowd place and then disappeared one by one.

Now,I know what are they doing. Just infront of me has that Calum boy. He has the black hair and his outfits kinda different than others.

I easily recognised him. But not too long, he also disappeared from my sight.

This is why their old bodyguards also can't handle them. They always disappeared. But I don't care. I knew this will happen.

Charles told me about it. So, I already prepared myself. I smiled to myself.

Calum's pov,

"Shit,I've made it" I ran into the SUV and quickly closed it.

"You're late,mate" Ashton shook his head.

"Do you think it's easy to escape from her? Nahhh she kept following me" I sighed.

"It's easy though. I escaped from her just like that" Michael picked his fingers and smiled proudly.

"Oh shut up" I rolled my eyes. They laughed.

"So,we did it on her first day working. Let's go somewhere" Luke smiled.

"Let's go!!" Ashton shouted excitedly.

*few hours later,around 9 pm*

"We have a fucking good times" Luke smiled and came out from the SUV.

"Like a date" Ashton chuckled. I nodded.

Ashton opened the door but it locked. "Guys....."

"What are you waiting for? Just get in" Michael looked at Ashton.

"Did anyone of you locked the door? I told you right just don't because we are not bringing the keys with us" Ashton groaned.

"I'm not" I shook my head. "Me too" Michael said.

We looked at Luke. "Nope. I'm not,dude" Luke shook his head.

"Then,who?" Ashton looked at us.

"Me" I think I'm not the only one that heard it because all of us looked up to the balcony.

"Welcome home,boys" she smirked while swinging the keys at the balcony.

Yowwww first chapter done!! Great to write again. It do release some stress that I have right now :')

Author's note: Youngblood era has ended. 5sos is having hiatus again. I hope it's not gonna be the long hiatus like Youngblood. Almost 3 years.

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