Chapter Thirteen: Death On Two Legs

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Hello. I am Nimja, and this is the story of a rivalry with an absolutely terrible company.

By now, you've likely realized that not that many things bug me. And you're right. Not that many things bug me. Not that many things anger me. In fact, almost nothing angers me. I am a hypnotist, after all, so generally I am very calm, even in extremely stressful situations.

But, of course, that doesn't mean I can't get annoyed or angry.

Because I can.

And if you do manage to annoy me... well.

Then watch out. I may be an adorable pink cat Pokemon, but I have a bite. I can be quite snarky if I get annoyed, to such a level where you could reasonably compare me to GLaDOS. In fact, OGiNiM has known me for so long that he's picked up on it, and has dubbed me by the admittedly humorous nickname of NIMJaDOS.


It's quite funny.

Still... that's besides the point. The point is... I can be rather snarky when the time calls for it.

And nowhere was this more evident than the time I dealt with perhaps the worst video game streaming service in the world, with the silliest policies of all time.

Who are they, you ask?



I believe the actual question should be "who were they".

See, that company exists, but not under the name which has haunted me for months on end now. But of course, I didn't know that at the time I found them. In fact, I just assumed that they were another video game streaming service.

When I actually did find out who they were, though... well, I figured a bit of playful revenge was in order.

And to execute it, I had to enlist the help of my old ghost buddies Aegis, Boomer, and Crowe.

The Spoken.

So, you might ask, what did I do?


Well, just relax. I'll tell you.

It all started... well, you likely know where it started, so I'm pretty sure you can figure it out. After all, everything starts in Amsterdam. I was on my computer playing Portal like I always do, still thinking back to that extremely strange dream I had back when I was a human in which I was stranded in Aperture Science. It was quite interesting. But that's a story for another time.

The game was fun- extremely so- but I had recently gotten a bit bored of Steam. Don't get me wrong- Steam is an excellent video game service, but in recent years it had been having a few technical problems that were starting to annoy me a bit. So I decided that I would use Steam for Portal 1 and Portal 2- and only Portal and Portal 2.

As for the other games?

Well... I liked them.

But there had to be another video game streaming service out there with even more video games for me to play.

So I closed Steam, logged out of my account, and typed in:

video game streaming service

The very first thing that came up was a company called Daybreak.


For some reason, the name sounded extremely familiar.

I felt as though I had heard of them before, but I couldn't place them.

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