Chapter 4: Upon Pure Instinct

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Ryn ducked back behind the tree trunk, blocking the clearing, the warehouse, and the two figures from sight.

She could feel her breathing quicken, each breath coming out in a short, rapid puff of air, moments away from hyperventilating.

This can't be happening, Aderyn, she told herself, repeating it like a mantra. This can not be happening.

First the warehouse, then Monster, himself....

And Quentin....

Quentin Conri.

Her memories clicked into place.

Quentin was Colt's younger sister. Unlike him, she was human, but none-the-less she had been a valuable member of the Legacy team. The History books had never told her what had happened to their parents – she assumed nobody really knew - but she was aware that they lived by themselves.

But they lived one hundred years ago.

They died one hundred years ago.

How could it be possible that they were standing here, alive, today?


Ryn shook her head.

No. She was not venturing down that ludicrous path. Not today. Not ever.

Maybe she had hit her head on the way down? Of all things that was the most possible. In fact... she might not even be awake, yet. This could all be a delusional fantasy generated by her traumatised, potentially damaged mind, as she was being teleported to hospital by a medically trained team of professionals.

A dream...

How did they get out of dreams in all of the old books that her parents used to give her?

She reached up and pinched hard at the tender flesh at the side of her arm. But all that did was make her wince, as she pressed down on all-too-real nerves.

She slammed her hand against the bark of the tree in front of her.

This was impossible.

This was absolutely impossible.

This could not, in any reasonably, logical, possible way be happening.

And yet...

Her thoughts fell silent as she realised that she could no longer hear voices coming from the clearing.

They must have gone inside.

This was her chance to get out of here, back to The Lights, and find out what in the name of the Legacies was going on.

She stepped out from behind the tree aiming north towards where she believed the city would be.

A shriek tore from her lips as she walked straight into the dark-clad figure of the impossible Colt and, acting upon pure instinct, she leapt backwards.

At first, she didn't notice anything strange.

Her shock at seeing the boy there - his dark gaze regarding her with hostile suspicion, after having snuck up on her from his place in the clearing - seemed to outweigh everything else.

But when, after her backwards leap of fright, her feet never returned to the floor, her shock transformed into outright panic.

Powerful gusts of wind swept at the forest floor, sending fallen leaves into a frenzy. Colt and Quentin reared backwards, hands lifting to protect their faces against the onslaught of swiftly moving air.

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