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"Blimey, dad," Ron said as he looks around in amazement, "How high up are we?"

"Well...put it this way," an obnoxious voice called out just from below them. Aurora cringed as she recognised the voice and she glared down at Lucius and Draco Malfoy, "If it'll be the first to know."

"Father and I are in the minister's box," Draco boasted puffing his chest out, "by person invitation of Cornelius Fudge himself."

Lucius hit Draco's chest with his walking stick causing the twins and Aurora to let out a loud laugh at the stunned boy, "Don't boast, Draco," Lucius said before he turned back to the Weasley's, Aurora, Harry and Hermione, "Do enjoy yourself, won't you? While you can."

Aurora glared at the blonde man, her eyes sending daggers as he smirked up at her before he and Draco walked away, "Merlin's beard, I hate them so much," Aurora muttered as the group carried on walking up the stairs again, finally arriving at their seats right at the top of the giant stadium.

"I told you these seats would be worth waiting for," Mr Weasley beamed as everyone found their seat and sat down, looking out into the field awaiting the arrival of the two Quidditch teams. Everyone from their group was supporting the Irish apart from Ron and Harry who were supporting Bulgaria. 

Once the two teams flew onto the pitch the crowd roared with excitement and pride, "I think Ron's in love with Krum," Aurora sniggered to Fred as she listened to Ron chant the Seeker's name.

"Good evening!" The Minister of Magic greeted, "As Minister of gives me great welcome each and every one of the final of the 422nd Quidditch World Cup!" he bellowed, holding his wand to his throat making his voice travel all across the stadium, "Let the match.....begin!"


"There's no one like Krum," Ron said, his voice dreamy as he spoke. Krum had managed to catch the Snitch during the Quidditch game, however, the Irish were so good that even with Krum catching the Snitch they won anyways. 

"Krum?" George asked, "Dumb, Krum?"

"He's like a bird," Ron added, "the way he rides the wind. He's more than an athlete."

"Dumb, Krum," George repeated as he and Fred circled their younger brother. Aurora and Charlie were sat on the couch in front of them looking back at them with amused expressions. 

"He's an artist," Ron said.

"I think you're in love, Ron," Ginny told him as she walked past, her voice filled with amusement as she stared at her brother who turned a similar colour to his hair, "Shut up," he muttered.

"Viktor, I love you," George started to sing.

"Viktor, I do," Fred contributed.

"When we're apart my heart beats only for you," Fred, George and Harry finished as they were circled around a blushing Ron who pushed past them and walked off to his room in the tent.

"Sounds like the Irish have their pride on," Charlie smiled as they heard loud fireworks outside of the tent. His smile, however, faded when Mr Weasley ran back into the tent looking panicked, "Stop! Stop! It's not the Irish. We've gotta get out of here. Now!" 

Aurora shared a worried look with Hermione and Ginny but nethertheless she jumped up off the couch and quickly grabbed her bag, shoving it around her shoulders as Fred ran over to her.

"Get out! It's the Death Eaters! Get back to the Portkey everybody! and stick together!" Mr Weasley instructed, his voice loud and serious as he ushered the teenagers out of the tent.

"Fred, George! Ginny is your responsibility," Mr Wealsey bellowed, "Charlie, you go with Aurora."

The group nodded at him and ran as quick as they could away from the tent. Aurora's black hair flew around her shoulders as she bumped into other witches and wizards who were trying to escape. Figures dressed in all black with hoods on their heads walked through the field, their wands pointed up as they dangled people in the air. When the realisation hit Aurora she felt sick in the stomach; the dangling people were Muggleborns.

She felt disgusted as she ran behind Charlie, noticing him thanks to his bright hair, her legs were aching but she wasn't going to stop running, it was way too dangerous for that. She followed him towards a dark forest and once in there he stopped running causing the black haired witch to run into his back.

"Sorry," she muttered as she regained her balance. 

"It's alright," Charlie said giving her a reassuring smile, "We're gonna apparate back at the Burrow now, okay?"

Aurora's dark eyes widened, "What? What about the others?"

Charlie let out a shaky breath, "We'll wait for them back to home. It's too dangerous to stay here. Plus I can't apparate them all, I'm not strong enough," he explained to her, his eyes silently pleading her to come with him.

She thought about the rest, especially Hermione as she was Muggleborn, she hoped that everyone was alright and got out of there safely. Her mind travelled to Fred as she longingly thought about him, her heart speeding up in anxiousness in case something had happened to him.

A large hand gently found it's way onto her shoulders causing her to jump up in surprise, "They'll be okay. They've all gone towards the Portkey," Charlie explained to her, he was scared too but they needed to get out of there as soon as possible and he knew that Aurora felt that her friends were hurt she wouldn't want to leave with him.

"Okay," Aurora nodded after another minute of thinking, her throat felt dry as her eyes watered with tears. Charlie placed his hand on her arm and the weird sensation of being stretched and then squeezed through something occurred but before Aurora could even comprehend it she was standing just outside of the Burrow as Mrs Weasley ran out, her eyes red and puffy as she pulled the two into a hug.

"Are you two okay?" she fussed, "Where are the others?"

"They're taking the Portkey," Charlie explained, "But they're all fine. We're all fine."

Mrs Weasley nodded at her son before she pulled the pair into another hug, her tears soaking into the clothes. Aurora couldn't help but to let out some tears at the sound of the woman crying, her own mind travelling back to everyone else, silently hoping and praying that they all made it out. 

Mrs Weasley pushed Charlie and Aurora into the Burrow, making them both a cup of tea before the three of them sat around the kitchen table in silence, waiting. 

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