[55: Pain in the Ear]

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I woke up with immense pain in my ear. In fact, the building around seemed to have collapsed. Everything around me was in dust. I was laying on a pile of dust and my mattress.

I held my ear and screamed in agony when I felt the sharp pain again. Strangely enough, I couldn't hear anything. In order not to panic, I told  myself that it was just quiet.

I saw a clock that was shattered on the floor and picked it up. "What happened?" I asked myself, hoping to find an answer.

The hands of the clock were broken and were messed up. I sighed and threw it any from me. The pain in my ears never got better and I still didn't see any buildings.


"No buildings?" Again, I questioned myself thinking that I would have my own answers. I felt so weird. My body was weak and I didn't feel anything but an empty space.

I knew it was around 2pm, but I couldn't be so sure. That was because the sky outside was darker. I tried to move around but found it barely possible when I collapsed back onto the mattress.

I'd have to find a way to survive with the pains or I might actually get sick. But even so, there are no hospitals around. Everything was in dust and ashes.

It was as if the world gave up. I have to survive.

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