The Heir

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It was a chilly night in late November. The sun had set at just before six, earlier than yesterday, and soon the moon took its place. It was a full moon, shining with all its glory. The street lamps were on and the neighborhood was calm as always.

As she drove up her driveway, Lauren didn't notice the eerie silence or cold darkness that surrounded her home. She was too excited to pay attention to her surroundings. She'd just gotten great news and couldn't wait to share them with the world. She couldn’t wait to share her great news with Cade.

She'd just taken a few steps past her living room when she almost slipped and fell. Lauren braced herself on the wall and moved her foot around looking for the slippery spot. When she found it she lifted her foot and reached down with her free hand to touch the liquid at the bottom of her shoe. Her hand came away wet with a sticky substance.

It must be a spilt soft drink.

She'd probably forgotten to dispose of her can and somehow the dog had found it and dumped it on her floor. Either that or pee-it better be soda. She sighed and shook her head it was time to get that puppy a sitter or trained.

She'd just stepped into her kitchen when she almost fell for the second time. Frustrated she cursed the dog, threw her bag to the floor and felt around for the switch. She turned on the light and immediately wished she hadn't.

The sticky liquid was all over the place.                                           

It was on the floor, the walls, the ceiling and her counters-everywhere. That wasn't the worse of it, her table and chairs were broken to pieces and lying all over the floor. Her kitchen window was shattered and most of the walls had holes in them. Fist sized holes or bigger.

Shocked she turned around and went back towards her living room turning on the hallway light and then stopped in her tracks. The hallway light shined enough into her living room and she could see that the same destruction awaited her there as in the kitchen.

Then she heard it.

Labored breathing; the kind taken by someone who was dying.

On legs made of jelly she stepped into her living room and turned on the light. No the destruction here was not the same as in her kitchen-it was worse. There were five bodies lying in her living room. Four of them appeared to be dead-one of them was her dog. They were all bloody and suddenly she realized what was splattered all over her floor, walls, ceiling, on her furniture and on her finger.


It was no longer bright, healthy, red but dark blood. Old blood. Drying blood. The blood that should have been pumping through veins was splattered all over her home as if it was part of some sinister abstract painting.

She felt her own blood rushing through her body. Felt her heart pumping it. Felt it drain from her face when she looked closely at the bodies. Felt it turn cold when her gaze landed on the one that was still breathing.

A gasp escaped past her numb lips. Lauren took an involuntary step back bumping into the hallway wall behind her. She braced one hand on the wall and the other she brought it up to her mouth to cover her scream of horror.

Slowly and weakly he turned his head to look at her. His face and body were disfigured; caught between human and something she thought only existed in movies. His eyes, she recognized those eyes. She would recognize them anywhere. They were the last pair of eyes she saw every night before she fell asleep and the first ones that she saw every morning when she first woke up.

Those eyes told her it was all real. Lauren shook her head. Before her eyes, his face was changing. His head returned to human form. The muzzle became a nose. The sharp canines became teeth. Her eyes widened even more than she thought possible and if she could’ve, she would have taken another step back.

It can’t be! It’s not true! They don’t exist! This is not real!

"It is real. We exist. It's true and it is." He told her between blood filled coughs. Lauren hadn't realized she'd said it out loud until he spoke and she just shook her head in denial. "Don't look at me like that. I don't want to die with you looking at me in fear. I want to die with the memory of your smile." He coughed again and more blood came out of his mouth. Lauren couldn't stop shaking her head. She couldn't move. "Don't cry. God please don't cry."

She was so numb to everything, she hadn’t realize that she was crying until he told her. She took a deep breath and wiped her eyes, he was dying and she couldn't do any of the things that she knew would make him smile one last time.

"I wish…” Once more he coughed up blood, “Listen Lauren you have to go. Run. Run as fast as you can and don't stop. Don't stop for anything. They can track by scent and they will be coming after you. You have something they want."

"There is a small box in my drawer take it with you and run. Run Lauren."

And she did. She only took with her the clothes on her back, her purse, valuables, the small box he'd indicated, a box full of memories and a very special gift.

 The only true thing she had left of him.

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