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epilogue | a little dialogue about the night it all ended, and why i came to be the author of these events

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The ethereal clearing in front of the Merge was crowded with people.

Lise and Alec Taillier was there, talking and arranging different things with Johnn and Michele Virieux, while Anton and Madie stood nearby to help if needed. Packs were handed back and forth, events were discussed, and there was a bittersweet note in the air.

Alec explained how he'd found John a room and a physician when Nettles, later revealed as Christine, barged in and took over. The two of them had been in correspondence with Sir Mark Burgeux for weeks, while Alec and Bayard had set out on Emmy's rescue mission.

Emmy had explained her story to Jean-Luc, who then informed her he'd forgiven her a long time ago. Sebastian and Andrè were telling them about their mischievous escapades, while Julienne then told them of the pendant and Watervalle.

Charlize sat and watched the activity, Skout getting into all sorts of mischief as his curiosity led him to spill packs and getting in the way.

They couldn't go with the Virieux family - magical blood couldn't pass through the portal to the mundane realm which thrived on science and logic.

When they were ready, and the goodbyes were underway, it was under the assumption they'd be back as soon as Bayard sent the word.

Just before they stepped through the Merge, Julienne looked up at her mama and asked, "Is it safe?"

Everyone stopped, nervous laughter rang out, and Johnn answered her. "Why do you ask that, Lenni?"

"Mama said that anyone with magical blood couldn't pass through the Merge." Her eyes rested on her twin brother, who stood close to her side. "If he's the Dtieren Delegier, then...?

"It's a bit more complicated than that," Alec piped up, before Johnn could speak. "Andrè has not come into his full power yet, which means he won't be able to pass through the Merge when he's fourteen, but until then he will be fine."

Johnn took over. "All Soldiers have magical blood - the marks on our wrists show that we chose to live out the purpose with which we were born. That we pledged to do what is right and to protect the Scrolls and the Script."

"So you can't pass through the Merge?" interrupted Jean-Luc, a confused frown on his face.

Michele and Johnn exchanged a look, before he sighed. "We had to temporarily sacrifice that part of our heritage in order to pass through the Merge and fulfil our assignment."

"That's why we're going back, isn't it?" asked Andrè. "So that you can continue your assignment?"

"Ooh," Julienne grinned. "What assignment is it? Do you fight for innocents? Spy for the Soldiers?"

"It is none of your business," Michele cut in, completely serious. "The less you know, the less chance there is of this--" she gestured around her. "--happening again."

Alec cleared his throat. "Next time you come, we'll explain further."

"You barely covered the introductory part of the science behind the Merge," Sebastian said wryly, wrinkling his freckled nose. "I could--"

"No." Lise placed her hand on his shoulder and lowered her voice, which was thick with unshed tears. "They have to go now."

With one last goodbye, the Virieuxs disappeared through the Merge, back to the realm of Hreiat, and started on their way to Mireston.

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