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hours have passed, and it's already midnight. jungkook hasn't arrived it, you were so worried. constantly calling him, but he won't answer. but you still have hope that he'll answer you. you keep calling him since he left,

jungkook, on the other hand, is face down in the counter of this one bar. tears won't stop coming out of his eyes, he tried to just drink it all, but he can't forget about it.

he wanted you to be by his side right now, but how can you do that if you didn't know where he is. so with his shaky hands, he grabbed his phone that keeps vibrating on his pocket.

his eyes widened as he stared at your name flashing on his phone. he thought it was his father, but then, why wouldn't you call? you're his girlfriend afterall, and you sure will get really worried. he slapped himself for being dumb and answered the phone at the process.

you sighed in relief as he answered his phone. without thinking, you bombered him with questions and ranted about why did he just ran away, him ignoring your calls- more like about him ignoring you, and a lot more.

your ears perked up as you heared a sound coming from the device, your ranting immediately stopped as soon as you heared him.


jungkook: i'm at xxxx club..

you quickly mumbled an i love you loud enough for jungkook to hear, but before he was about to reply back, you already disconnected and shoved it inside your small bag (that is hanging on your waist since hours ago when you were ready to run to wherever jungkook is, and you is still are).

grabbing the beige colored coat and cooly slipped your hands inside of it. you callled an uber and waited for it. every seconds- minutes passed made you more anxious on whatever jungkook will do in the club. you just hope no one will approach him.

but of course, he's the jeon jeongguk, what do you expect.

jungkook just sat there, ignoring the girls trying to flirt with him. one time a girl approached him, he almost punched the girl when he got surprised.

and then your eyes met with him, you heared a shattering sound, but you ignored all the negative thoughts that your mind is giving you.

with fists clenched, fast walking to jungkook- more like to the girl that touched him.

the witnesses 'ooooh'ed when you slapped the girl, her wavy hair flying to her face. cupping her cheek that you slapped, she had tears in her eyes. if jungkook isn't drunk right now, he would feel bad for the girl, but he is drunk, and he thought you looked 10x hotter.

you: i know this guy right here is so damn handsome, but bitch please, he's already taken.

then you mockingly smiled at her.

the girl's hand was about- maybe- three inches about your hair, but then she was stopped as she felt a tight grip on her upper arm, the guards pulled her away- only to kick her out from the club.

you faced jungkook (whose mouth was opened wide, the same with his eyes though he feel drowsy), then suddenly his mouth closed and a smirk slowly formed in his lips.

jungkook: oh kitten,

homagahd writers' block is real
idky i suddenly put some drama here but oh well
idr understand how some authors can update more than thrice a week

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