CANNIBAL (chap 5)

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<P>Chapter 5</P>

<P>Sofia's p.o.v</P>

<P>Dean listens avidly as I fill him in on what's got me all wound up. Though my face looks as cool as winter's breeze, my eyes dart around us constantly for anyone listening in. When I finish my hurried explanation, he sits and ponders for a few moments, leaning back in the chair and slinging an arm around the empty chair next to him. As I wait impatiently for him to spit out whatever plan he's cooking up in that sly head of his, I spot Josh hurrying over to us. Ever since he got shoved around by some guys on the table next to us while they shouted things like "Homophobia is contagious, don't let that freak near you" and "leave us alone you faggot", he's refused to sit anywhere but with us, though he still mingled with everyone. After I took them outside for a little 'chat', no one's dared call him names and most of them enjoy his warm, happy aura. Dean was surprisingly happy about it, though he'd never admit it aloud, and so now Josh sits next to him for every meal.</P>

<P>Josh slides into the chair next to Dean (as always) and plops his tray onto the table, giving the porridge on it a disdainful look before turning to Dean and raising an eyebrow. After a moment of staring at Josh in confusion, Dean realises his arm is still slung around the chair and is now resting on Josh's shoulder. Dean blushes sweetly (he'd kill me if I told him he looked really cute then) and quickly removed his arm, turning to his food and shovelling it in. Josh giggles and strokes Dean's shoulder while fluttering his eyelashes, which makes Dean blush an even deeper rouge.  </P>

<P>"Well," Dean clears his throat and gives Josh a sideways glance with an expression that I can't quite interpret before continuing, "I know this makes things more complicated than before, now that the bitch has a threat that actually means something now," he sees my grimace but ploughs on, "but we can't let that stop us from sneaking out. Firstly, my saving up all that money I made from my will be for nothing if I can't get the contraband to get enough for me, you and yes, you too Josh, to escape and give us a fair chance at getting far away and starting a new life. Secondly, you need to be able to get out to change shape- you can't stay human all the time, it's unhealthy, and you can't turn animal here now that we know we're being watched. We've done too much to protect your animal's identity to give up now. And thirdly, if we don't get out of this shit hole at least once a week, I'm going to lose my mind. So staying cooped up here in hell is out of the question."</P>

<P>"So what is in the question?" I ask, frustrated and wanting to kick something and let out my anger at all the problems the Bitch has caused us and how unfair life is.</P>

<P>"Chill honey," Josh looks at the table across from us who are casting me curious glances, "you're goin' to sweat your make-up off if you don't turn your temper down a few notches. That's it, deep calming breaths, in and out. See, everything's goin' to be ok if you just keep your cool and think before you act. Ok, so using my ingenious brain I'm guessing that you're getting' some trouble about sneakin' out and you're worrying your sweet little selves to bits about what to do. Well, since I can't live without my fix of weed, and you're the two people I would die for- though I'd rather not part with this gorgeous body any time soon- I guess I'll just have to do a bit of sniffing around, if you get my drift."</P>

<P>"I don't know Josh," I reply in an undertone, glaring at the eavesdroppers until they reluctantly turn away, "I don't want you risking your neck for us."</P>

<P>"Aw, as much as I love you worrying about me sweetie pie, I'm in it with you and I will not let my friends be killed." He suddenly turns to Dean and smiles (well, more pouts) while blinking slowly with his warm green eyes, "So, you're planning on running away from here with Sofia and me? Oh, that's so romantic. It'll be just like in the movies. You must care for us very much..."</P>

<P>"Er, well, yeah. I mean," Dean blushes again, avoiding our curious gazes before muttering a hurried excuse before grabbing his tray and making a hasty exit.  </P>

<P>Josh sighs dreamily as he stares after him, his large eyes somehow looking both hopeful and sad. </P>

<P>I feel my heart give a small jerk at his expression. "Hey, there's plenty more sexy guys out in the world just waiting for you to grace them with your beauty and charm."</P>

<P>"Yeh..." replies Josh, not sounding as if he believes me at all, but he seems to push his disappointment to the back of his mind for the moment, turning back to me with a determination. "So, when are you next scheduled to get out?"</P>

<P>"Tomorrow night."</P>

<P>"Right, so that leaves us with today and tomorrow to figure out how to deal with Ms Wobert." We sit in silence for a while, poking at our unappetizing breakfast and trying to choke down some of the lumpy substance that has almost no resemblance to porridge. It's a few minutes until Josh gives an excited squeal, making me choke on a spoonful of the slimy porridge that I had just shovelled into my mouth.</P>

<P>"Sorry, sorry, but I've just had an excellent idea..."</P>

<P>I listen avidly as he fills me in, feeling a smile pull at my lips. By the time he finishes, I have a fully-fledged grin that probably looks pretty evil since the earlier eavesdroppers keep peeking at me nervously. There was only one question I had to ask.</P>


<P>Josh's devilish grin mirrors mine as his animated eyes meet my enthusiastic gaze. </P>


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