Chapter 3: The Surprise

Now's the time Ale! 1.....2.....3..... "W-What? Where am I?" asks Ale acting queezy. "Yes! She's not dead!" yells a VERY excited Louis. "Were all happy boobear." replies Harry hugging Louis and Liam. "Yeah, I thought we were going to go to jail." says Zayn. "Guys?" I say "What?" says Niall leaning down to me "I thin I'm pregnant." I say "What?!" they all say at once. "Look" I lift up the blanket. "My stomach is all huge!" i say worried. "Maybe you're just fat!" Zayn suggests. "Never tell a girl she's fat." I gave him a dead serious look. "My bad" he said with his hands up. "Who's the dad?" asks a worried Louis. "I don't know!" i reply angrily. "Well, who's slept with her?" asks Liam

all of them look at Louis. "What? I'm not the only one!" replies Louis defendantley. "You're the only one Lou." said Niall. "What?!" Louis faints. "What am I gonna tell my mother?" i ask worriedly "Woah, woah, woah. Woah!" says Zayn "We can't tell ANYONE about this!" Zayn says again "Maybe he has a point." replies Niall "WHAT?! HE RAPED ME!" I point at Lou. "It could ruin our career Love." Says Liam "Who gives a FUCK about your career! I'M PREGNANT YOU BASTARDS!" I scream "It may not be important to you, but we have a contract." says Harry. "Well, take me to the hospital and say I'm your sister or-" hears water dripping "What is that?!" asks a scared Harry. "M-My water just broke." i reply pale and weak "That isn't good" says Louis now concious.

                                            Find out what happens to Ale, the baby, Louis and the rest of 1D....

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