My Answer-Seamo

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Even if u cant do it now,dont stress,dont give up,

just go at your own pace and have confidence in urself.

No one ever said life was easy,you know?

God made it tough because its all  apart of his test.

How will you solve it?

With art?Science?Ethics?

That's what life is all about-u got to take it seriously

We worry,We wonder,We second guess ourselves.

There's not one right answer, So keep pushing forward,

and look for yours.

Just your own pace and have confidence in urself .

I ask the sky and sea.Do u wonder like me too?

I ask the wind ans sun.Do u cry wihtout anyone noticing?

There is nothing to be afraid of.Its just another battle,we fight.

Im already full of scracthes everywhere but,its just the way life is.

There's no need to use a eraser,u just need one goal. 

I write on a blank piece of paper,What i would like to be in the future,

but no one really knows the truth,thats why u need ur answer.

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