Meeting Nam and Yona

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Becky was folding her arms as she watching Edgar trying to open each compartment with the keys. Curtis was behind you playing with your arms gentle sighing. Becky leaning her back in his chest.

"You make an good couple." - Tanya whispers smirking

"Oh well we are not an couple. Just friends" - Becky said gentle blushing.

"Have you found the key yet" - guillam said

"Look I'm getting here there is not just one or two keys" - Edgar said rolling his eyes.

"Just hurry up Edgar" Curtis said

"Hurry up!! Oh yeah I will hurry up when there is so many fucking- oh got it" - Edgar said smiling

"Open it" - Becky said as Edgar opens it as they saw Nam with his eyes closed lying down.

"Is he Alive" - Tanya said confused.

"He is addicted to Kronol. He needs some to wake up" - Gilliam said as Becky found some in an pot.

"You mean this stuff" - Becky said holding an rock.

"Careful it's an it is a hallucinogen. Makes him high as an kite" - Curtis said

"This is an industrial waste. Very flammable." - guliiam said as Becky puts some of Nam face to wake him. Nam then starts waking up after an few mins as he takes the Kronol in his pocket looking around.

"You're Min Soo Nam Koong, the security expert?" - Curtis said to Nam as he didn't answer.

" Are you the guy who designed the security systems on the train?" - Becky said slowly to Nam as he didn't answer and was high.

"It is perched I mean look at his eyes.This shit has blown his brain." - Edgar said

"Edgar stop it! This is you, Nam?

Nam, are you listening?"- Becky said to Nam calmly.

"Yes, I'm listening... whore. This is not "Nehru" is "Nam". " Nam said to Becky.

"Well how rude are you aren't you. Your nothing but an junkie" - Becky said cold

"She has an point but an clever junkie" - Edgar said smirking an little as everyone glares at him.

"We need you." - Curtis said

"What for?" - Nam said to him.

"We're going to the front of the train And you must open our doors."- Becky said

"And if I refuse?" - Nam said smirking

"This is pure. Without additive. You open a door.You have a piece of Kronol." - Curtis said as Nam took his cigarettes out.

"I can not believe it. Cigarettes had disappeared there are more than ten years. " - Gilliam said shocked as Becky stood next to him softly.

"You want a toke, asshole?

It's too good for shit like you." - Nam said blowing the smoke.

"You know your really are getting in my nerves. You think you can talk to people the way you can. Your nothing but an son of an bitch" - Becky said shouting angry as Edgar holding her arms to clam down as Nam laughing an little. Curtis was getting angry an little as he hated seeing Becky upset.

"I'll keep it simple. You support us, you have your cam. Otherwise, it puts you right where we found you. You say in what, asshole?" - Curtis said to Nam. Nam then softly stood up as he opens another compartment as his daughter Yona. Becky softly blinks as Curtis looking at her.

"My daughter Yona she is coming with us without her we are nothing. But we can't move on without some of it" - Nam said as his daughter Yona wakes up. She looking at Curtis shy an little.

"S-she is really pretty" - Edgar said as Curtis looking at Edgar as did Nam.

"Just ignore him. Wanna join us" - Becky said to Yona giving her some Kronol. Yona nods.

"For each door we want two Kronol" - Nam said as Yona stood next to Curtis.

"Alright let's get moving" - Curtis said leading them as they walk on.

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