Small Talk-Taeyong(1)

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"Help me with this part," you asked your boyfriend, Taeyong with a piece of choreography that your group was learning. It was just a little bit hard, but Taeyong has seen the dance a million times so he could help you.

You and Taeyong are secretly dating and this was the only time you both could spend time with each other without anyone bothering you two.

"Oh, you're not putting your arm out." He gets behind you and moves your arm out to the right. "Then it's a snap and you bring it down to your waist."

You watched in the mirror as he helped you try to get the move down and you couldn't help but peck him softly on the cheek making Taeyong gasp. He smiled and kissed your cheek as well.

He continued to help you with the dance, sometimes stealing kisses from you. Soon you finally understood and was satisfied with how the dance looked.

You ran through the dance one more time while watching yourself in the mirror, making sure you hit all the right positions and remembered the parts Taeyong helped you with.

When you were finished, Taeyong began to clap for you. You blushed and did a small bow.

Now you and Taeyong sat on the floor, on your phones while holding hands. You could feel Taeyong staring at you while you tapped away on your phone. You finally looked up to meet his eyes and as soon as you did he began to smile widely.

"You're so pretty.." he squeezes your hand as he lifts a hand to cup the side of your face.

He slowly leans in to kiss your lips which you gladly accept. The feeling of his soft lips pressing on yours made your heart be sent in a spiral. He breaks the kiss, leaving you leaning into him. He chuckles at how you almost fell into his lap.

While staring at him you couldn't help but think about this secret relationship, you frowned since you couldn't go out and do things that normal couples do.

Taeyong furrowed his eyebrows as he stared at your sad face. He hated to see you sad.

"Babe, what's wrong?" he scooted a little bit closer to you in the process.

You sighed before telling him what was wrong. "Just, this secret relationship is really hitting me, " you pick up his hand and you play with his fingers. "I just want to go out with you without someone having to report us, "

"but I also don't want us to lose our jobs because I know how much it means to us." you looked up at him with a small sad smile on your face.

"We can FaceTime while you go out and it'll be like we are together." he tried to look on the bright side.

But you wanted more than that. You wanted more than just some FaceTime call. You wanted him to be there with you, but you knew that could never happen. "Taeyong, that just isn't enough, I want to go out with you, I just want one day with you."

"But isn't this something close to just one day with me?" Taeyong began to get confused, he just wants you to be happy. He knew that if you both couldn't get out and hang out more, the relationship between the two of you would falter and you would eventually break up.

He didn't want to break up he loves you so much, he doesn't know what to do without you there. "I just don't like how we have to date secretly, I want to be able to hug you and kiss you without someone overreacting."

"I want us to be happy (Y/N), and I wish we could go out too but our managers wouldn't allow us to be together," he picked up your hand and rubbed his thumb over the back of your hand as he scooted closer to you. "I'm sorry, I'm a bad boyfriend."

You looked back at him confused. "Don't ever say that! You are the best boyfriend ever, don't worry if you're happy I'm happy," you pecked his cheek and scooted closer to him. "I'm sorry it was my fault for bringing this situation up."

"No, you know what I have a plan." Taeyong smiled at you cheekily.

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Yeah, I'm making another one of these.
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