Secrets and confessions

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It was regretfully, the day of my wedding. I was seated on the altar, and made to look like a shy bride. I wanted to smile since they were taking pictures but the fog from the Agni made me teary eyed. I think I did pretty well though. I smiled for quite a lot of the pictures.

The priest chanted the mantra like a bored parrot, and went on to give orders as to what rituals we had to do. Most of it consisted of throwing rice into the Agni.

When Aniket placed the long chain around me, I smiled into the camera and then looked down to adjust the chain. One of his cousins were tying the last of the three knots as custom. Everyone threw flowers to bless us and I smiled in return graciously.

The priest asked Aniket to place the vermilion on my forehead. Then we spun around the altar seven times. Each spin signified the rules and importance of our life together.

Finally, we were done. I can't believe I am someone's wife now. I am married! It was that simple. Since the reception was already complete, I will have to go to his house now to just complete the rituals and go to sleep.

I am really excited to sleep.

"You're mine now," Aniket whispered to me as we were finishing the last circle.

They lead us to a room in order to take care of the guests.

Once the door closes, and I am alone with my chauvinistic husband, I want to rip his head off.

"I am no ones property. I'm married to you; I am your life partner. Not your belongings."

He smiles, "Just Wait, I will completely change your opinions."

"Never going to happen."

"Don't you want call me yours?"

"You're not a pet Aniket."

"I will be, if you want me to be. Oh, by the way, your father threatened me this morning. He warned that if I made you cry or hurt or just sad at all, he would separate me from you and behead me."

I smiled, "you'll probably deserve it. Besides, he doesn't need to kick you butt. I'll be present to do all sort of deadly things to you.."

"You can try."

"I don't need to try. I can take you. You're scrawny." Of course, he wasn't scrawny, he was built very nicely. But for the next six months, I have to keep myself in check. I can't afford to lose the bet with my mother. I'll never live it down. She'll tell all of her grandkids our love story and will completely embarrass me.

"Fine. You, me, jogging tomorrow morning. How's that?"

"Okay,  no. I want to sleep."

"You will need it after what I'm going to do to you."

"You can try."

"I will, thanks for the permission, wifey."

I groan, "stop calling me that."

"Why not? Does it annoy you, wifey?"

"There are people here, my dear hubby." I pinch him on his bicep.

"Ouch! Stop abusing me!"

"Shush! They're going to think something else is happening in here."

He pulls me closer. "Let them. You are my wife."

Suddenly someone opens the door to the room. They see us in the position were in, and immediately close the door, giggling. I'd bet a chocolate croissant that its my annoying cousins.

I immediately push him off of me, and brush the imaginary dust off my saree. "You're wrinkling my saree."

"Yeah, sure, that's what your concerned about."

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