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''Tis the season to be jolly...but not for you! One day you're on your way to work and the next thing you know you wake up chained to the wall.

It's bleak and there's no way out...there is a promise to see your family again but only if you fight and win. Death is just as possible, as every fight seems like David vs Goliath. Your opponents are mighty, sometimes otherworldly, crafty and they are definitely deadly. It's not going to be easy. Our money is placed on you croaking in the first fight. After all, not many survive the house of action, that's why it is also known as the house of death.

The rules of the house are simple:
1. Fight and be ready for the next fight
2. Choose a weapon from the list weapons when offered, which you will be limited to until you're either free or dead.
3. Your character also has a weakness which must be written in with every prompt. This will also be provided in a list and will form part of the main character's trait.
Whether you are thrown into the world of gremlins or a pit in hell, the weapon can never change. NB: The character has to use the weapon they used in the first prompt. Choose wisely.

How does it work?

There will be 8 prompts starting from the 9th of December to February 2nd, where you will encounter different opponents in their world. Your fight will not be easy! You are not only set against an impossible opponent, but the environment might not be as friendly as you expect. We certainly hope you have had more than just chest-day at the gym! You'll need all of your strength!

But that's not all. We understand that strength comes in many forms. For those of you who have strength of the mind, we will leave clues for you to find your way out in the form of riddles, which will allow you to hunt for books in our many reading lists. Each prompt will come with a riddle, so if you think you have a sharp mind and want to attempt to escape then try. But remember...get an answer wrong and it just might be your death.

Feel free to attempt both the clues and the prompts!



Prompt 1- December 9th to December 15th
Prompt 2- December 16th to December 22nd
Prompt 3- December 23rd to December 29th
Prompt 4- December 30th to January 5th
Prompt 5- January 6th To January 12th
Prompt 6-January 13th to January 19th
Prompt 7- January 20th to January 26th
Prompt 8- January 27th to February 2nd



Everyone's a winner in our eyes, but unfortunately, in a fight there can only be one survivor.

We will mourn the fallen. We are not completely heartless! So with that in mind, we will announce the top three winners. Great fighters must be acknowledged! So your name will go on a plaque on the action wall of announcements, like many that have fallen before you.

The winner of each prompt will get a sticker and of course, the ultimate survivor. There is also the joy of seeing your family again...we can't see it happening but as they say, may the odds be with you!

Judging will commence from the 3rd of February to February 28th.

All winners will be announced: March 1st 2019

All winners will get a huge shoutout from the profile, bragging rights and of course, your prizes.


Guidelines and FAQs

1. All stories must adhere to Wattpad Content Guidelines.
2. English stories only.
3. One entry per individual during each round.
4. No co-written entries.
5. How to submit my entry? Via the linked form that will be posted with each new round.
6. Will there be a separate submission form for the answers to the riddles? Yes. Just follow the link posted after the clue.
7. Can I enter a story that fulfills the prompt that I have already written for my story or other contest? No. Only new entries will be accepted.
8. Can I share my entry? Of course! Leave a link of your story in the comment section for others to enjoy.
9. What format should my story be in? Feel free to write your story in any existing work or collection of creative writing already on your profile.
10. Does each entry have to be a one-shot? Yes, please. Please make sure it fulfills the prompt to be eligible.
11. Word counts will be specified during each new round, and yes, they may change with each round.
12. Mature stories are allowed, please rate it in accordance with the Content Guidelines.
13. If I missed the beginning, can I still join in? Yes, you can join in at any point you like. Entries which have missed the deadline will not be considered.
14. Can I only do certain prompts? Yes! Please be aware that this will affect your ability to be the overall winner of the prompts or the riddles.

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