10. I Am Selfish

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 "You will never understand until it happens to you

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"You will never understand until it happens to you."


After the weekend on a Monday morning, the bell rang and the students rushed out of the classroom to head for lunch. I was starving, but during that moment, I needed to do something more important than to get food for my growling stomach.

Bree was gathering her books and sheets from her desk when I walked up to her with a small smile.

"Hi," I said.

Bree hastily glanced in my direction and when her aqua blue eyes immediately settled on me, her face softened. "Hi. How are you doing?"

Turns out, the incident in the hallway when I fainted, got people talking both of curiosity and of worry.

"Good. I feel much better," I answered.

"Um, what happened actually?" She asked, carefully.

I sighed. "My body just got tired. It caused the blackout. I'm not allowed to push my body too hard. It's still recovering. I'm still recovering."

She nodded and for a brief moment, I took her in. She wore a gorgeous and expensive light pink sweater tucked into black high waisted jeans. Her bright blonde hair hung loosely below her chest and complimented her pink lipgloss along with bringing out a sparkle in her blue eyes.

"I like your new style," she said, her eyes traveling up and down my new outfit the same mine were studying hers.

When I went shopping with Mia during the weekend, we bought a whole new wardrobe for me. Additionally, since John was gone, I inherited mom's fashion company Cornelia Fashion, but it wasn't really under my name until I turned 18. However, I did get tons of free clothes from the latest seasons and even from the upcoming season just like I used to get before mom died. However, this time, I only chose the ones I felt comfortable and causal in, not the sexy, skin showing clothing. Of course, those clothes were gorgeous, but they weren't the new Maya Greene.

I also cut my wavy hair so it rested above my chest and I was completely done with the heavy makeup, high heels, and the fake eyelashes.

A new appearance, a new personality, and a new life. It was all going to be real.

Make it worth it, right?

I looked down at my white jeans and nude colored sweater before lifting my gaze back up to her with a smile. "Thank you."

She threw me a questioning glance. "Did you need anything or...?"

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