Chapter 4: The Desert Chasm

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Note: Vajendra's chapter will return with Egypt. Now it is focusing on his later adventures. From there, it will go onto individual stories around the world.

My quest to find my country's missing gold had flopped miserably. I was now blamed for the robbery of ten thousand gold crowns. As if. A great roar from the idiotic crowd summoned around me. Light shone through the gaps of the Royal Court. Heavy iron chains clasped me down. My powers were too sapped for me to react after enduring ten days of torture. My legs failed to co-operate and my brain couldn't think. I stared down, my head bent. Walking down the narrow bridge that gaps five sides of the yellow chasm, within the huge cave, I was already beginning to feel drowsy. The stairs beneath my legs descended into smaller steps. Heavy hands shoved me into the middle of the desert court, as I fell down to the great circle of Blasphemers or that was what it was called. Ten guards surrounded me, all clothed in desert clothing.

The crowd were all assembled like hungry jackals, sitting on the over-crowded seats. Desperate like hyenas, they were there to witness the execution of a stranger that they had never set their eyes on before. I could only barely watch their pathetic reactions before my eyes set on a limestone throne surrounded by two more bigger, muscled guards armed with axes and swords. The big fat Governor of the city of Aksum stared at me with glaring eyes. I truly wondered who had made him 'Governor'. Around him, a council of ten elders in their old age looked at me while plucking grapes into their mouth, some sleeping and some snoring like wild dogs. They were just there for the show that was about to be performed on this stage.

The Governor yawned with a sagging mouth. 'Vajendra of...something something, or whatever place you come from,' he paused, the audience laughing in tears. 'You are hereby under-arrest for the robbery of fifteen hundred pounds of gold crowns. Gold that belongs to the people of the city.' Funny for him to say that, after all I was being framed for a case in which I had no involvement. And with that the crowd joined in, shouting their most 'cleverest' insults.

A pathetic little ugly commoner shouted with his voice reaching for the skies. 'Yes! Torture him till he spills out the gold!'

A plain merchant lady shouted with all her might. 'Foreigners like him deserve to be hanged! I call the hanging for him!' At that the crowd roared with might. Perhaps they never saw anything happening in their town. I was meant to be a sacrifice.

Honestly, if I wanted to be a sacrifice, I would leave it to the Mayans or Aztec. These Aksumites were quite bored. If only Hornblower hadn't left me here to run off from Admiral Quzen. I'd get down to the bottom of it later. Provided I would escape. At the moment, it seemed impossible with ten guards staring at me.

The Governor raised his hand. 'Be that as may, we provide fair and legal trials to the accused so they may be proven guilty, or not.' At that the crowd groaned. I smiled. The Governor sensed his opportunity with a grin. That wasn't good. Not good at all. 'Even though they are guilty, it is only fair we give them a chance to confess their crimes before they are eaten by my pet.' Well that didn't put me in a good chance for survival either.

The Governor boomed. 'Does the defendant have a lawyer to defend him?' he asked. No one came. Silence for about ten minutes. The Governor, clipping his fingernails sighed before slamming his hammer on the table. 'Well, let's get on with it! He'll be hanged tomorrow morning.' The crowd roared with enthusiasm and might. You know when people call for your hanging; it's not the best experience in the world. I closed my eyes as I was dragged away to be forever doomed, never to get to Satyuloka.

'I call upon the accused for a fair trial!' I jerked to the new voice. A strange looking man, dressed in a red hat, with a red coat, three pistols and two rapiers attached to his waist, walked with a confident beaming smile. Hornblower. The fucking bastard. He had actually made it. After disappearing from me when he promised to take me to that Mayan Temple. Hornblower twirled his mustache, before shooting his pistol in the air. A desert monkey screeched from the roof of the cave, jumping down. Hornblower shot the charging monkey. The monkey collapsed, falling down into the abyss.

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