Parparing for battle and fight

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About an week later. Everyone was getting ready for the battle to the front. Becky was softly standing next to Curtis thinking leaning on an wall.

"You know you can talk to me if you wanna Curtis" - Becky said

"Why do you mean. I'm fine" - Curtis said

"Don't lie I can tell by you eyes and the way you are not looking at me" - Becky said leaning off the wall walking when she felt Curtis hand on her wrist.

"I want you to be careful Becky. Just don't do anything stupid" - curtis said looking at her.

"You always care for others more than yourself. I will don't worry" - Becky said smiling as Tanya came towards Becky and Curtis.

"Curtis I'm coming with you" - Tanya said.

"No Tanya I'm sorry" - Curtis said walking as Becky and Tanya follow him.

"You will regret if I don't come. I will make sure those bitches never ever took my son. You know I'm bigger than some of these people. Becky even knows. Please. I beg you" - Tanya said as Curtis sighing nods.

"Alright. But I can't make sure everyone is safe but I will try" - Curtis said as Becky smiling an little.

Then after an few hours guards came along to do their searches. Becky was looking at Curtis.

"What do we do now" - Becky whispers worried.

"We stuck to the plan. I know they have no bullets in those guns" - Curtis whispers back.

"What how do you know that" - Gilliam said standing behind them as Edgar did.

"When mason was with one of the guards I over heard her saying don't use those useless guns. They have not been used in centuries" - Curtis said quiet.

"Oh shit your right bullets have been extent for years" - Edgar said

"But they could have more and we don't know" - Gilliam said

"Well there is only one way to find out" - Curtis said running forward towards an guard. Becky was worried about to follow when Gilliam stops him.

"He will know what he is doing" - Gilliam whispers as Becky keeps watching.

Curtis then puts the gun near his head as they had no bullets. Curtis knocked out the guard. Edgar told everyone they have no bullets as they began to fight there way to the other side. Becky was looking at Curtis as she hugs him tight.

"Don't ever do that again. You were fucking lucky there were no bullets" - Becky said scared.

"Well least I knew and I bet I impressed you" - Curtis said smirking. Becky slaps his chest hard walking away.

"Where are we" - Edgar said

"The place where Nam is meant to be in the prison section" - Gilliam said looking around.

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