Twilight Child

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Hi! Thank you so much for readin!g this. It's a Twilight Fan Fiction, from Bella's point of view! If you have any questions what so ever just email me-! I don't bite!

Twilight Child Summary- (From The Author)

I wanted Bella to be something incredible, something better than any vampire or werewolf/shape shifter could ever be; I wanted her to be able to defend herself so that Edward would not be hanging around for the wrong reasons, I wanted her to be able to hold her own in a battle against Victoria or Laurent. Therefore, that is what I made her to be. She is, in this saga at least, a Twilight Child; the only one of her type, kind, breed. She is stronger, faster, and her senses are more powerful than a vampire or werewolf; So Bella has no need of a protector, no matter how handsome he is. Bella has many gifts, one of them being that she can tap into other people's gifts and use them without the contributor even noticing that they are making a contribution anything- talk about cunning! Bella has a particular connection to Alice in this series, having something to do with Bella dreaming of the future. I have just always loved Alice and Bella so much, and in The Twilight Saga the two of them where best friends, but I wanted then to have something in common, something that would make their friendship even closer. What might that be? Will this turn out to be a love story, or a hate story? I mean, have you ever wondered what Twilight would have been like if it was not always all "lovey dovey" with Edward and Bella? Read this and you will find out. I promise this is a good read, just give it a chance! I am going to give an old saying the switcheroo- You can't judge a fan-fiction piece just by looking at the summary, you really have to read it to know if you like it. You cannot just form a way of thinking without reading this, so read it. This is not going to have any "lemon" in it, so do not be anticipating anything like that. There may come a time when a "lemon" is essential, but not for a while; and when/ if a "lemon" comes along, it is not going to be in depth. So... if that is what you are hopeful for, then this is not the fairy-tale for you! So read this and review, be straightforward with me, even if it is only just a brief little review!

Twilight Child

Chapter One

Face to Face

"Oh yeah?! What makes you assume that moving to Washington is going to help me fit in? I can't fit in! I'm not normal! I'm not some human! Why can't you just let me be, and leave the subject of my social life alone?!" I screeched from the inside of my new bedroom, to the other side of the door where Renee was waiting for me to open it. Well, tough luck Renee!

I was so irate that I had been seeing red for the past three hours. Nothing Renee could say would calm me down now, and Charlie knew better than to get in my way when I was this beside myself. He was the smarter of my adoptive parents. I didn't intend to get this upset, but how could I not? Renee always found a way to convince Charlie to move yet again every six months or so, with hopes that I'll make friends and become the social butterfly she has always dreamed I would be. Well, tough luck again Renee!

The truth of the matter was that I had never been enough for Renee, no matter how much I tried to please her. I knew why; I wasn't her own daughter. To her, I was just some girl who had nowhere to go when a strange woman showed up on her doorstep in the middle of the night, practically begging her to take me in. It was Charlie who saved me from god- knows- what in the end. Being vampires, Renee and Charlie had never been able to have children of their own, and even though Charlie had to practically beg her too, he was able to convince Renee into keeping me. Charlie saw something in my eyes that Renee couldn't see that night, something that he would hate to give up. He told Renee that they could use me to replacement what they should have had, he just wanted to keep me.

Charlie had never felt like he was cheated out of parenthood as Renee always had. He just truly felt lucky to have me. Charlie always sees the finer things in me, things that I couldn't even see. Thinking of Charlie had me eavesdropping on his mind downstairs, cowering in his new study. Why did I let her convince me to move? I told myself that this would happen, didn't I? Bells really doesn't deserve this, it is probably doing more harm than good. Bella isn't a normal kid, she never will be. What Bella is, is what makes her so special, even if Renee won't see it as I do.

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