Chapter 5

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This drawing blows me away.

Ethan's P.O.V

He came out of no where. 

Stripping the blanket from my body. I got up, angry and glared ready to see Grayson, but surprised who it was.

"What the fuck James?"

He waved his hand holding the blanket to his hips, "Hey kitty girl. Miss me?"

I groan and lay back down, "Not anymore."

I looked beside me. It was empty. Where was Emma?

"Where's Emma?" I ask not bothering to look at him.

I heard him sighed, I could tell he rolled his eyes, "Of course your going to ask that, she's at the living room."

"Kay, can you get out?"

He was now in front of me poking my head with a disgust face, "Um, no. Wake up it's like twelve already. Something happen with the tw-"

"If it's about the Twitter thing, I know. Your fucking late" I cut him off closing my eyes and rolling the other way.

"Um no stupid, I already knew that before. Something else you should see."

I sigh, "Is it between me and Emma?"

"Get up the fucking bed sister. You have a lot to think about" James instructed. I got up, stretch, and went to refresh myself.

I walked to the Kitchen and Emma was there sitting on our dinning room table staring at her phone. James was on his phone, so was Grayson all around the table.

I pulled the milk from the fridge and got the cereal box frowning.

"Whats the tea?" I ask sitting on the chair, next to Emma.

"Not everyone like us two." She answer. Her voice strain.

"What do you mean?" 

She showed me the comments and reply's.

'Ethan's going to dumb her'

'She dosent deserve him'

'I think they just got together for fame'

'I feel bad for Emma'

'I feel bad for Ethan, Emma's too annoying.'

'You can tell they don't love each other'

I stopped reading. I couldn't stand the shit they are writing.

"So what? It's not like we all don't get hate comments."

Emma sighed but didn't answer. I looked at Grayson and he shook his head, "They are worse then the ones who accept it" Grayson explain.

"I thought people ship us" I said, remembering all those edits of Emma and I people tag us with.

"Yeah, not one- point- million dosent accept it. Five million are okay with it, one whole million... that's a lot." James said waving his phone.

"So, screw them."

"And how about our jobs as Youtuber? don't you think it would affect us in a way?" Emma spoke up proving a point.

"It wouldn't matter. We dont have to be public about it. It's fine" I took her hand.

Emma stared into my eyes, "Well it's not. I wanted no drama, but shit already started. Now I'm screwed." She stood up, and stormed away. In less then five seconds I heard the front door opening and slammed.

"Ouch." James comments.

"What just fucking happen?" I was confuse, "Did I say something wrong? Or is it one of those days what girls get?" 

Was there a fuse up in Emma's tampon?

Grayson bite the sides on his mouth looking at me with a sorry face.


"I dont know, she's your girlfriend."

"But your best friend! she tells you more stuff to you!" I yell.

Grayson shrugs, "She dosen't talk to me like she use too anymore"

"Um, hello. She's scared. She's new on YouTube, so all this drama is kind of shocking to her. I would too if shit happens to me like that" James mention casually texting on his phone.

"She's not that new."

"New enough to see shit like this." James looks up raising an eyebrow at me.

I stood up, and walked away slamming the front door behind me.

Emma's P.O.V

I was trying to avoid shit like this. I thought dating Ethan would be low-key. No drama, and things could go well.

I was wrong.

I dropped out of high school for this shit.Paying my own rent, Wi-Fi, and food, came from the money I get from YouTube. I'm not complaining, it's great shit, but if things go wrong. I'm in deep shit. 

I wasn't stupid to know dating, and showing it on YouTube with a youtuber, would be hard as fuck, and make things complicated. Me and Ethan both knew. 

The plan was dating low-key, if not, go plan B. Yesterday plans. But the comments and everything I saw today was a bit way to much I can handle. I didn't want to make a alone time talking on YouTube with Ethan 'cause that was wierd. He was the Dolan Twins, not Dolan Twin.if you take the egg yolk and show the egg without the yolk, it wouldn't look presentable.

Ew, the fuck was that?

I also didn't want to even make videos with him, not because of the Dolan Twins thing , but also because of Grayson. His part of Ethan, I didn't want the fans or anything make it wierd for Grayson. 

I was already stressing out with my channel. Was people even liking me? was my editing getting horrible now these days. I was a confuse bitch who already was going through shit, this was all adding more up.

The fact that Ethan dosent understands, or thinks it's fine even after I explained to him after the three days we started dating, I was pissed off. I didn't want to argue or start anything so I left. 

Its not like me doing that.

I hated the fact he thinks it's fine when it wasn't to me, back there he might of think I was a bitch, but I wasn't. I was in shook, I was trying to process everything that's happing in my life, and that would happen in the future.

I drove back home and went straight to my home phone when I arrived.. The only phone I use to call someone important.

My mom. 

Someone's P.O.V

The plan was working.


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