Chapter 2: The Betrayal

I was all alone with One Direction, I didn't know they'd do this to me. Kidnap me and rape me, they were such nice guys, I can't believe this.  

                             Video Cam.                                                                                       100% battery

                 Wed. Sept. 15, 2005  12:30pm                                                                     Ale's Video Diary

"If anyone ever sees this, please put 1D in jail for what they did to me. They raped me, kidnapped me and KILLED me! Please put me out of my mi-" I stop to the door opening and Harry wakling in. "What the HELL are you doing?!" he asks me angrily. "N-Nothing." he walks over to me and looks into my video camera "So, showing proof of what we REALLY are eh?! Well it's not gonna work!" Harry slaps me across the face. "Please, d-don't hurt me!" i plead. "Pleading is not enough!" Harry yells. "Harry, it's my turn" walks in an urgent Louis. "Fine, keep recording this." Harry says grabbing my face. "Y-Yes sir." I reply weakly. "What have I told you about what to call me?!" Harry slaps me again. "I'm sorry," i gulp "Daddy" I say weakly and start to cry. "That's what I thought" said Harry then walks out. Louis walks in. "Are you ready?" he asks me. "N-No." i say "What?!" Louis yells. "I mean, may I have some water, Daddy?" I correct myself. "Fine." replies an urgent Louis again. "Niall!" screams Louis "Yes, Louis?" asks Niall curiously "Bring a cup of water." Louis commands. "Yes Louis" Niall walks out and brings back a cup of water. "Here" Louis hands me the cup discusted "Thank you." I gulp down the water in one breath. "Now are you ready?" Louis asks impatiently "I-I guess." Louis takes off his shirt and I turn off the video camera secretly.  

                                                            1 HOUR LATER....

"Now I'm done." says Lou and leaves. "Bye, Daddy." I say in my flirty voice. "Whatever." he mumbles. I turn my video camera back on.

                                    Video Cam                                                                         90% battery

                              Wed. Sept 15, 2005 2:00pm                                             Ale's Video Diary

"Okay, so Louis just came in and he isn't that bad looking. What am I thinking?! I can't start liking them now! Not after what they just did to me! Whatever.... *my stomach growls* I'm so hungry, I would kill for a burger. Hmmmm, to you later." I shut off the video camera.

"Now, how do I get them in here." I think to myself. I got it! "Louis! Zayn! Niall! Harry! Liam! Come quick!" i yell at the top of my lungs. "What?!" Liam asks impatiently. "I think I'm going to- *I fake pass out* "Oh no! We killed her! Do you know what this means?!" Screams Zayn. "Pull yourself together man!" Screams Liam slapping Zayn. "We need to get rid of the body!" suggests Niall "We can't stupid!" says Louis smacking Niall in the back of the head. "Why not?" asks Harry "Our DNA is what's up!" replies a worried Louis "O....k?" answers a confused Harry. "If they test her at a hospital, they'll find our DNA in her!" screams Louis angrily. "Now's the time Ale." I say to myself. 1.....2.....3.....

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