Chapter 33

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"Della why are you pushing me away?" I drop my hands down to my sides, she's refusing to let me kiss her, my eyes fill with water.

"You've got dirty in a public place, you can finally tick that off of your list, that was your confessed fantasy a few weeks back wasn't it." She states rather than question.

"Yeah but.."

"Amy I done what you wanted, now talk. I want to get home."

"Why are you being like this Della, why are you saying these things, what have I done?" I'm in danger of real ugly crying, her stare is ice f*cking cold.

"What do you mean, what have you done Amy? Are you for real?" She grabs my hand, her red acrylic nail presses into my ring. "You didn't bang your head on your way here did you?"

"What?" I'm not getting her. She knew I was getting engaged to Bradley, she's known for weeks.

"I'm just concerned that maybe you're suffering from amnesia Hun. You got engaged this morning, you do remember right?"

A sob forces it's way up and out of my throat, she's being so mean. "But you knew, I don't under..."

"I knew you were going too, then I thought you had finally come to your senses Amy. You're eighteen years old, he's a school boy crush.."

"No. He's more than that." I jump in hastily, interrupting her back.

"Then why do you want me so much?"

Her question renders me speechless, I have no idea how the hell to answer it. I haven't been able to work that one out myself.

"You're not ready to commit Hun, you seriously need to sort your head out first."

"I thought you were happy for me Della, you've always said I belong to him, how you didn't want to come between us.."

"Amy I already have. Look what just happened, your fiancé is sat in a pub getting wrecked with his mates using that ring you put on him as a good excuse to do so, and where are you?" I hang my head feeling shamed. "With me Amy, you're with me. We can't keep letting this happen, it's confusing you and you've no f*cking idea what it's doing to me. I need to walk away Hun, just," she pauses, there's definite tears in her eyes now. "Just come find me when it all falls apart." Her words crackle.

"Della." I call out, rushing up behind her. I pull on her arm, she can't just leave it like this.

"Why are you so adamant it's not going to work? Why the f*ck did you say my ring means nothing this morning?" I snap. Finally I've got out what I'd came to find out in the first place.

"I tried to tell you in the bedroom Amy, but as usual your mind was far to busy on other things. Your 'fiance'," she quotes her fingers sarcastically. "Slept in my room last night."

"I know." I reply with a careless shrug of my shoulders.

"And you don't care? Don't you want to know why?"

"I know why. I refused to s*ck his dick, he got the hump so he stormed out. At least he didn't go joining in with what the others were f*cking up too. I trust you Della, I know noth.."

"Nothing did happen." She cuts in quickly. "But it would have done Amy, if Bradley had his way."

"What do you mean?" My heart feels like it's just dropped to my stomach. She's looking to the ground. "Della tell me."

"I'm sorry. I tried to tell you, and I should have f*cking tried harder. He come on to me Amy.."

"No. He wouldn't. He wouldn't do that, and anyway you're a .."

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