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I woke up in Gelos arms and watched as his chest slowly moved up and down, I traced around his tattoos and gentle stroked his skin. His phone buzzed on his bedside table and caught my attention, I decided to be nosey so looked which I came to regret.
Liv: Look you can't tell Katie about the other night, if she finds out we slept together she'll beat my ass and we both know she can do a lot of damage. Please don't say anything!

I immediately stood up and got into my clothes and walked out my room and the front door, I couldn't believe him or her. Why would they do that? And they weren't even going to tell me?
I went for a walk and decided I needed to get my mind off them so decided to text Jass to come round and too bring something sexy to wear because we were going to a party.
(She's not going to school today and let's just imagine there's parties most night)
By the time I got home Gelo had left, When Jass got here I told her everything because I needed someone to talk to about it all and she is the only person that I trust and won't do me dirty. After telling her about the text she was mad af and wanted to beat the shit out of liv for doing that to me. While ranting on to Jass I got a message from Gelo.

Gelo: Hey last night was amazing🥰

I decided to not reply because I felt sick thinking about what he did, he then texted me again when he realised I left him on read.

Gelo: wow so you just gon leave me on read😐

I left him on read again because I didn't want to speak to him, me and Jass watched Tv for a while and just spoke about shit that was going on in life.
After hours of talking me and Jass decided to get ready for the party, we decided to have a drink while we were getting ready.
The party was a few streets away so we decided to walk there, when we arrived the instant instantmesmell of alcohol and weed hit me. I looked around to see the whole basketball team and some other boys along with the cheerleaders from school and some basic hœs.
Me and Jass made our way to the kitchen and decided to get a drink, we both made a double vodka and Coke and two tequila shots each. Once we finished our drinks we decided to go and dance, as I was dancing and felt a hand grip my waist.
I turn to see Gelo and push his hand away, he looks shocked by my reaction. "WTF what is your problem now?" I laughed because he thought I didn't know about him and Liv, he looked so confused. 
"Where's liv?" I asked him his eyes went wide, he tried to grab my arm but I moved it making me accidentally elbowed somebody. I turn to see who It was and I'm not gonna lie I was even more mad, It was liv.

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