28. The Spark dies

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If is intel was correct they were on Naboo. Landing his shuttle in the forest he got out and began to walk to the only place he could think off, the palace. Gods he hopes he wasn't too late.
Finn ran down the ramp of the falcon, Chewie and Leia following quickly behind. With Rey in his arms, Finn ran across the hanger and down the corridors towards the temporary medical bay. "FIND A DOCTOR!" He Shouted. A passing women nodded and ran in the direction of the large double doors. Finn entered quickly behind her and a doctor approached them. "She's in labor." Said Finn desperately trying to catch his breath.

"This way please." Said the Doctor gesturing for Finn to follow him. Finn followed and they turned a corner towards the maternity ward. Finn looked down at Rey. Her chest was rising slowly but she knew how weak she was.

Following the doctor he entered a room. He lay her down on the bed and three nurses rushed over, all of them immediately began to hook her up to the machines and perform tests. Finn stepped back, his eyes fixed on Rey's face the whole time.  A nurse ushered him away behind the glass separating Leia, Poe, Rose and Chewie from the commotion.

Chewbacca's arm was wrapped around Leia as she cried quietly. Rose and Poe stepped over to him, "Is she okay?" Rose Asked.

Finn shrugged, "I don't know." He said, his whole body shaking.

Tears formed in Rose's eyes and he hugged her, in an attempt to calm her down. Pulling back he gave a weak smile, "Remember, she's a fighter."

Rose nodded and they turned back to the scene before them. A doctor approached them, clutching a clipboard. The three walked over to him, "Is she okay?" Poe asked.

The doctor shook his head, "We need to act quickly if we are to save the babies." He said.

"What why?" Asked Rose.

"For reasons we can't explain, we are losing her." He said.

Poe's eyes widened, "She's dying?" The doctor nodded.

"Who is the father?" The doctor asked.

"He's not here." Said Finn, he needed to be strong for Rey.

"Then sir you must come in." Said the Doctor. Finn nodded and followed him, walking to Rey's side. Her eyes slowly fluttered open, "F-Finn. What's going on?" She croaked.

"Ssh Rey everything is going to be fine, the twins just need to be born a little earlier." He said with a weak smile.

Rey nodded as the nurse stepped over, "It's time." She said. Finn knelt down beside Rey and took hold of her hand. "You're going to be okay." He whispered.

Rey suddenly felt the pain, she screamed as the doctor told her to push. Her hand gripped Finn's as she pushed. "Rey one more push." Said Finn, "One more push and a lifetime of happiness."

A cry filled the room and the nurse passed the baby to Finn. Holding the baby in his arms he leaned down and Rey smiled, "It's a girl." He said.

"Keira, Keira Solo." Rey said. It felt only right that her daughter was named after a war hero.  "Oh Keira, your beautiful, my beautiful baby girl."
Poe entered and took Keira from Finn, wrapping her in a blanket rocking her gently as Rey cried out once again.
"I can't do it Finn, I'm not ready I can't do it." She cried.

"No Rey you can, you can do this". Finn assured her.

"I can't be a mother." Rey cried.
"Yes you can Rey, you can. And you can will be the greatest mother." Said Finn. He had to be strong for Rey, it took all he was to not fall apart. The nurse encouraged Rey to push. Her grasp tightening on Finn's hand she pushed. More cries fill the room and the nurse passed the second child to Finn.

"It's a boy." He said leaning down. Rey smiled as she looked into her baby's eyes, gently brushing her finger tips against his. "Jason, Jason Solo." Her breathing was extremely weak as she looked to her son. "You are my big strong boy, you stay with your sister, let nothing come between you two." Rey looked to Finn, "Protect them for me Finn."
Finn nodded, "Of course."

"There's good in him Finn, I know there is." She said. Ben was still inside Kylo Ren. Rey reached out to him through the force,
I love you
Only silence returned to her.
Rey opened her mouth to speak,
"I know there's still good in him." Rey's head dropped to the side as she drew her last breath. In his arms, Jason cried out, feeling the loss of his mother. Tears formed in Finn's eyes. Both babies cried at the loss of their mother.

The sound of doors being slammed open filled the room, Leia turned to see none other than her son. Ben entered the room, the first thing he heard were the cries of two babies. They second were his mother's. Stepping closer into the room he turned to see Rey lying still. Walking towards her he covered his mouth in shock. "Ben?" Asked Poe.

Ben ignored him and rushed to Rey's side. "Rey?" No reply. Words travelled through the force, I love you.

He was too late. Poe and Finn walked over to him and handed him the twins. "Did she meet them?" Ben asked.

Finn nodded, "Keira and Jason."

Ben turned back to Rey, she looked peaceful, yet he knew all the life had drained from her. "I love you." Ben cried. "I love you so much."

Wow another chapter! I'm so productive. The next chapter will be the last chapter. But there will be a sequel, yay!

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