Part 4

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Ugh sorry busy with a personal project any who on to the short short update. Also sorry about the lack of Christmas Special like I said I was going to do.
3rd POV
The fish friends finally got Percy to get on the bioship.
"I have a bad feeling about this" percy mutters under her breath.
"Ever heard of optimism" Garth mutters.
"Ever hear of shutting up?" She mocks. He rolls his eyes.
"Why are you so afraid of heights?" Cassie asked.
"She is an Amazon" Tula tells me in Atlantain. I nod then turn to her.
"to ónomá mou eínai Percy Jackson eímai i kóri tou poseidóna Ο Δίας μισεί τα έντερά μου και με θέλει νεκρούς" (my name is percy jackson I'm the daughter of Poseidon. Zeus hates my guts and wants me dead) I tell her in Greek. Her eyes widen then nods as if she understands. The rest look at us like we are crazy.
"What did she say" Nightwing asks.
"None if your...." Percy never got to finish her sentence. The whole ship shook.
The hairs stood up on the backs of their necks. As Magan was trying to calm the ship and get it back on track. A great flash of light stroke right beside the ship. Percy jumped to her feet. She started to try to take of the collar. Nightwing threw the key at her.
"Take it off you might need your powers" he yells over the chaos. After she finally got it off she refreshed with water. But they were still stuck in a huge dark cloud. Just then a huge bolt of lighting hit the ship.
Over all the noise Percy yelled "I told you so"

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