Cameron: Y/n who is that?
John: please don't tell me that's your
Y/n: ex? Yep that's him hide me guys
Ex: y/n?????
Your POV
Omg what do I do
I lied to Johnny about him and now he's going to reveal the truth
John:I'm opening the door
Y/n: don't!!!
John: sorry. But I'm going to you hide behind the sofa
Ex: hey man is y/n in?
John: whose y/n?
Ex: your so called girlfriend
John: wait what?
Ex: it's leaked all over social media
John; anyways why do you need her
Ex: because I'm her real boy-
Y/n: hey Joseph
Joseph: omg y/n it's been so long I travelled all the way from uk for you
Y/n: why? We r done remember? You abused me REMEMBER.
John: what is going on?
Cameron: I'm confused too
John: y/n what's happening?
Y/n: fine.  Me and Joseph are actually fake dating for his YouTube channel so we can get it up as I'm more famous then him and he's my best friend so I told him I'd do it
John: I can't believe you lied to me
Cameron: uhh
John: that's pure betrayal. You broke relationship code number 3 trust. That means your meant to tell me the truth not lie!
That's a cruel thing you did y/n. I would never do that to you and I remember you did say you live me and now your saying that your only falling for me so stop lying. I loved you. I needed you and you threw my live and trust away. I deserve better and I know I shouldn't say that about myself but I believe that it's true and I know I'm your hosts son so we aren't going to speak of this okay y/n? Understand? We are over!
By this time you were in tears and you couldn't stop crying. You cried for hours and hours and Cameron comforted you and then you called your internet best friend - zephan Clark
You trusted him with your life and he recently got through a break up with some chick called mars so you thought you should talk to him so you did and he gave you some advice and then he said he had a surprise for you next week so his instruction were too
• on Monday next week get changed at 9am
• don't eat breakfast
• call him
• wait by the door for a parcel
Some things you might want to know about zephan is that
- he's famous
- he's from New Zealand
- and he's 2 yers older then you
- you'll have a hard decision to make next chapter so get ready.

Love you all so I posted the same day as the 2.67k views thing post before this and I'm proud because all my drafts got deleted so I had to write and remember
I actually wrote this in 20 minutes and I know it's only 500 words but still
Love you all 💕

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