Chapter 4

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Cass' POV:

We ran out of the kitchen and into the main area, I reached out first and just stood there.

'' How...'' was all I could get out before Jack and Owen came in behind me.

The pterodactyl that normally flew around in the was now lying on the metal 'bridge' over the water.

'' Frank, what happened to you?'' Jack exclaimed before running to the pterodactyl.

''You named the dino?'' I asked, not expecting a serious answer.

''Yes, he needed a name.''

''And you thought Frank was a good name for him?

''Yes!'' Jack and I just stared at each other for a second before Owen spoke.

'' You know he's not gonna answer right?'' Owen looked at Jack with a grin only Owen could master.

I walked over to Frank and looked for anything out of the ordinary when the door alarm went off, It was Gwen, Tosh and Ianto.

''Someone or something made Frank fall and faint!'' Jack shouted

''who's Frank?'' Tosh and Gwen asked simultaneously, whit confused looks on their faces.

''The pterodactyl.'' Ianto said as if it was the most obvious thing in the universe.

'' How did you know that?'' Owen asked.

''I know everything.'' He answered while walking over to Jack and gave him a hug, before speaking again.

''We will find the one responsible, I promise.'' Jack looked at him and said.

''Can I speak with you in my office please.'' Ianto nodded before following Jack into Jack's office, I chuckled a little before continuing my examination of Frank.

'Why did you...'' Tosh began before I cut her off.

''Somone must have drugged him, he is sleeping, but other than that he's perfectly fine.''

I looked around and tried to see if anything was out of the ordinary.

'' Does the water look different too you?'' Gwen said and I came over to her to see what she was talking about.

'' You're right, it looks a little greener than normal.'' I said Tosh came to look as well and Owen took a sample with him down to the lab.

Jack and Ianto came out of the office and after I took a look at them I saw both tiredness and satisfaction on their faces, and I knew immediately what the had been doing. I started smiling, and as I caught Jack's look I started laughing which caused Jack to laugh as well. Ianto, Tosh and Gwen just looked at us like we were idiots and that made me laugh even more.

''What's so funny?'' Tosh asked.

''Long... story.. might tell... later.'' Was all I managed to get out between my laughter and my short breaths. Jack laughed more of my troubled breathing and I fell to the floor now laughing so hard that I cried.

''What did I miss this time?'' Owen said as he came up fro the lab and saw me lying on the floor crying and Jack supporting himself on a desk.

''I don't know.'' Said Tosh and explained the situation, while I got back up on my feet.

'' Did you find out anything?'' I asked Owen as soon as I had gotten my breathing under control again.

''Not yet, It will take some time since we don't know what it is, and I'm doing a thorough search.''

The confused look on Jack And Ianto's faces almost made me laugh again, but I managed to keep myself together, before explaining the situation to them both.

''So he will be fine?'' Jack asked.

''We don't know what the water is poisoned with and we don't know how long it has been poisoned, but he looks just fine to me. Except for the sleeping part, but I'm sure he'll wake up soon.

''Guys, we've just got an alert, something entered our atmosphere and it's headed for Wales.'' Tosh Called from her computer.

We all rushed over to see.

''Can you figure out where it's gonna land?''

''I'm a little bit disappointed that you had to ask me that Jack.'' She answered before speaking again.

''It looks like It's gonna land right outside of Cardiff.''

''Ianto, get the car ready, Gwen, Owen and Tosh you get the gear and Cass...''

"I know, stay here and don't get myself into trouble.'' I said before Jack had finished his sentence.

'' No, I was gonna say, you get on your coat.''

'' I can come?'' I almost shouted.

''Yeah, I think you are ready to join us on a mission now.'' I leapt into his arms and shouted.

''Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!''

''Get your coat and get your ass in the car.'' He said, and for once I did as he said.

AN: So there you have the next chapter, sorry for taking so long to write it. I hope you enjoy, 'till next time.

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