Chapter Twenty-One: I'm falling deeper in love with you every day, my love.

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Chapter Twenty-One: I'm falling deeper in love with you every day, my love.

Saturday Night.

GEORGE smiled as he watched Lydia dance with Kayla on the dance floor of the club.

Though it quickly fell as he saw a guy wrap his arms around Lydia's waist. Making his way towards them George could feel his heart pounding.

Though as he reached the pair, he heard Lydia telling him that she had a Boyfriend. Damn right she does.

Taking her hand in his, George raised an eyebrow at the guy, "do you have a problem?"

Lydia relaxed as George's fingers laced through hers. Sure, she was handling the guy by herself but George backing her up was a nice feeling.

Once the guy retreated into the mass of people, Lydia grinned up at George, "you smell nice."

What the heck? Lydia asked herself but blamed it on the alcohol.

Shaking his head, George laughed, "don't I always?"

The music was playing as the couple danced and laughed. Both falling deeper in love with each other.


As Lydia and Kayla both stumbled into Kayla's dorm room around two o clock in the morning, they chuckled at each other.

"I can't believe you did that," Kayla laughed at Lydia, who would've blush if she wasn't still buzzed.

Instead, the brunette giggled and took off her heels, "I'm probably going to be YouTube famous."

Kayla shook her head and sat on the armchair," peeing in the campus fountain isn't going to make you the next Shane Dawson, hunny."

Closing her eyes, Lydia rested her head against the back of the couch, "I'm too cool for YouTube anyway."


Shane Dawson is cool. Fact.


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