Chapter 17

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''Y/N...why do you smell the same as Jackson?''

You blink, slowly comprehending. And when you realise exactly what he'd asked you, you stop dead in your tracks, your mind swimming drowsily.

''what do you mean?'' you manage to pipe out, trying not to sound as strained and bewildered as you actually were.

''you both...have the same scent. Different from humans...'' he says slowly, as your jaw clenches uncomfortably. ''Why?'' he demands, his tone gentle but deadly, making your chest swirl in perplexing tornados.

''I-i don't know'' you say dizzily. Running a hand through his hair, he leans forward and whispers ''Are you hiding something?''

You gulp harshly.

When am I going to stop lying?

Taking in a deep breath, you open your mouth to talk.


''It's okay. Sorry, I'm pushing you. I know you're trying to make sense of everything...I was just surprised...'' he says, sighing. ''you can tell us when you're ready''

You nod, head hung low.

And being the wise bean he is, he doesn't tell the rest about his discovery; you and Jackson have a secret connection. And instead, gives you a chance.


[Jisoo's POV]

''How did it go?'' Jisoo asks, laying stomach flat on the couch, a smug smirk plastered onto her face.

''pretty good, actually'' he replies, closing the apartment door behind him. ''better than I expected''

''isn't that great to hear...'' she eyes his figure lasciviously, her tongue slipping out her mouth as it gently slides across her upper lip. 

''yeah, I guess'' he nods, as he unceremoniously plops himself next to her on the couch. ''since you couldn't convince the boys...we move on to plan B right?''

''yup'' she whispers, edging towards his figure until there was no space between them. Wrapping an arm round his waist, she snuggles closer until her mouth is in contact with his neck.

''again...?'' he asks doubtfully. ''didn't you already drink yesterday night...?''

''But I'm still thirsty...'' she whispers, her warm breath washing over his ear. Sliding the material of his shirt away from his shoulder, she peels of the bandage revealing a bitten mark which was now almost healed.

''you'll heal quickly so it's not a problem right?'' she says, arms and legs wrapped around him so tight heat was emanating currents through their bodies. She begins by kissing it softly, then alternating between sucking and long leisurely drags of her tongue across his shoulder. His skin soft and moist after being massaged with her lips, she bites into it sensually, letting out a soft moan.

Falling prey to the domination of her bites, he has no choice but to oblige. He stares up at the ceiling, his face held in an expression of utter blankness as she drinks away.

''are you lost?''  a woman with raven hair asks him as he wandered about in the same street about 10 times now. He looks up doubtfully, nodding.

'' want to come inside?'' she suggests, gesturing her hands towards the block. He nods in compliance, walking through the door she was holding open.

''so...whats wrong?''

And that's how Jackson stumbled upon Jisoo one night, explaining his unconventional past to her quite briefly. And that's when an idea popped into Jisoo's mind, a compromise.

''you know...we're not that different?'' Jisoo tells him after listening to his story.

''I'm a vampire, well half human and half vampire to be precise and you're a wolf, but now you're a half wolf and half human too'' she grins. ''if that makes sense...''

''how are you a half vampire?'' Jackson asks her, as she sighs.

''It's a long story...but I used to be a human before'' she begins, licking her lips. ''but one day...I came across some vampires. A hot bunch they were. But things got messy, and they ended up tasting a bit of my blood. It was only a bit, so I survived. But I ended up becoming a vampire too. Things were tough...controlling my cravings for blood''

''but now that I've come across you...'' she smiles, licking her lips as Jackson gulps. ''how about I let you stay here for free....and in return, you give me your blood?''

He rubs his temples, as she watches him expectantly. Since he had no where to go and needed a roof over his head, he conceded to submission. Shifting in his seat nervously, he lets out a sigh.


''huh?'' he pops, coming to his senses and realizing she had been calling his name for a while now.

''you're always lost in your thoughts, aren't you?'' she pats his head playfully. ''what you thinking about?''

''nothing...'' he answers, rubbing the sore mark she had left on his shoulder.

''If you're worrying about Y/N...don't worry. If we both work together, we'll get what we want. Just follow the you can take back Y/N...'' her voice trails off, as she sniffs.

''and I can take back Bangtan''

A/N: To clarify everything, I'll briefly explain Jisoo's past so there's no misunderstandings.

-Before they were in college, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook knew Jisoo from school. She grew a romantic interest towards them, half assing it with all three of them.

-They allowed her to be around them, as they didn't think anything would happen as long as she didn't find out the truth to them. She ends up finding out when spotting their fangs at night, and promises to keep it a secret.

-But that only made her more crazy for them. She decided she wanted to become one of them so she could live with them, and so she offered them her blood. They refused, but she insisted and they eventually succumbed.

-They didn't bite, it was more like a few drops she had cut and they licked, but still the effect was momentum. Slowly, she began evolving into a vampire. Exactly what she wanted. But when she approached the boys they refused to take her in.

-They moved away to a new school, their current school now, and she transferred with them to the same one. But now, she doesn't bother them, and they don't bother her, and she just watches them from afar. It was like that, until Y/N joined.

-After seeing Y/N with the boys, a flame erupted within her. Why was she allowed to be with them and not her? In other words, she was jealous. So after her encounter with Jackson, she decided to double play both sides. Keep Jackson so she can have his blood, and use him to get rid of Y/N away from the boys.

-And yeah, Jisoo was the one who told Jackson to beat the three boys up a couple chapters ago. And reconcile relations with Y/N in the last chapter.

Hope that makes sense!

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