Chapter Twenty: When I'm with you, I can be anyone and do everything.

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Chapter Twenty: When I'm with you, I can be anyone and do everything.

Saturday Evening.

LYDIA threw her head back and laughed as Kayla told her about the plans for tonight.

"Lydia! I think this is a great idea and Chris already agreed he'd bring George anyway. You have to go."

"No. Kayla, you know I'm not comfortable in that kind of scene," Lydia told her best friend in a pleading tone. Though she could see Kayla was ignoring her completely.

Filing her nails, Kayla looked up to see Lydia staring at her,"done?" Nodding, Lydia sighed, she knew that Kayla was going to win this argument.

"Good," she smiled, clasping her hands together,"now what are you wearing because you said you wanted to get out of your comfort zone. I'm giving you the opportunity Lydia, take it."


George ignored the stares as he walked around campus with Chris. Sure, it was empty due to people traveling to see families or friends during the week-end but still people stared.

"Come on, Robin lets go defeat Joker," Chris yelled, pointing at a building near the edge of campus and began running towards it.

Shaking his head, George ran after him,"you're Robin and I'm Batman, remember?"

Laughing like fools the two guys paused outside the building. It was a block of dorms and George's eyebrows furrowed because it wasn't Chris'.

Smiling Chris put his arms around his shoulder,"wait for them."

Just when George was about to ask who 'them' were, Lydia and Kayla walked out of the building.

"Beautiful," George mumbled, walking towards Lydia. The blush creeping onto her cheeks telling him she heard him.

The red dress hung to Lydia's body like a second skin but she didn't feel self conscious. All that mattered was how she felt and she felt amazing.


Favourite song at the moment: Swimming in Stars. What's yours?

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