It was four days more to Halloween and though everybody was excited about their Halloween costumes and the parties they would attend,there was something they were looking more forward to since it was just around the corner.

"I can't believe how stupid I was when I gave Luke permission to throw a party!"I told Lesley after school.I could just imagine the negative effects of the party and worst of all,the blame would go on me.

"Well,technically,it was a deal and you didn't know he was gonna pass the History test,"Lesley replied."Look on the bright side,at least his grades are improving."

I sighed.Yeah,at least."You're right.It's just one party,"I said,nodding my head."It doesn't matter anyway since we're not going.You ready for tomorrow?"

We reached her car and she unlocked it.When we got in,Lesley sighed."As ready as I'll ever be."

Lesley stood with her parents in the parking lot.Her parents had gotten divorced a few minutes ago,and Lesley had been quiet the whole while.

I stood not far off,giving them some privacy.After a few minutes,they all looked in my direction and I furrowed my eyebrows.

Were they talking about me?

Lesley's dad said something more to her mom then Lesley,before giving her a hug and walking off.

They watched him drive off in his car before turning and walking towards me.

"So.."I trailed off when her mom took the lead to her car.

"My dad wanted to spend the rest of the day with me but I asked for a raincheck,"Lesley said with a shrug.

"What,why?"I asked,utterly bewildered.

She slung an arm over my shoulders and smiled.It wasn't much but it was the most she'd done since morning.

"Because I already made plans with my BFF!"she exclaimed."C'mon,Netflix and Ben and Jerry's awaits!"

I laughed and allowed her to pull me to her mom's car.

"I wonder what's going on at Luke's,"Lesley muttered as we watched Orange is the New Black in her living room.

I licked the ice cream off my spoon and glanced at her."Probably things getting broken,a lot of drunk people,vomit."

Lesley chuckled."Yeah,probably."

There was silence again for only a few minutes before Lesley suddenly turned off the tv.My eyes almost bulged out of their sockets as I turned to her.

"Hey!I was watching that!"I shouted.

"I think we should crash Luke's party,"Lesley said in excitement.

I scoffed,reaching towards her for the remote in her hand.She pushed it under her and I groaned.

"Did I say I think?I meant I know,"she said,with a smirk.

"That's a bad idea and you know it.Let's just stay here with our ice cream and Netflix and-"

"Die single and alone?"she supplied."How about this?We'll go to the party,if it's not as fun as I think it is,then we'll leave."

I stared at her.Lesley's parents just separated and if a party was going to get her mind completely off it,then why not?

"We're not going to stay long."

"Of course."

"And no drinking."

"I swear."

I sighed."Okay then."

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