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I hope you enjoy reading this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it!

I hope you enjoy reading this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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Now you understand why Peter Pan didn't want to grow up.


P.O.V Rose Elizabeth

In front of me, I had a huge house, almost as big as a palace. Uncle's mansion was big, but this one was way bigger. It's so giant that it makes me wonder if all of this belongs to him. Maybe he isn't the only one who leaves in here, it's too big for just only one person. Yet again, Harry isn't the most sharing person. He never was.

And how the hell does he hide it from the rest of Manhattan? And how did he find this huge spot? Because looking around this huge field I can only notice this is too good to be true. And what I couldn't fail to notice was the huge wall that surrounded the big field and it held only one entrance without a field which is where I'm standing. It looks like one of those hidden castles from those typical fairytales with fairies and princesses.

But the house didn't look like belonging to a fairy tale. I mean, it wasn't scary, but it surely wasn't magical and fantastic. In front of me, I had a very classic house with dark walls. The walls were dark grey and the windows had an arched dark wooden window frame. The windows were really large and classic. And the roof had as well a dark color. What I really liked was the big black French doors, they were just so... unusual.

Even though this house was a bit peculiar and dark, surprisingly, it really amazed me. I always thought that I would like to leave in a small house with light pink walls and very cozy, but this big, dark and classical house really did impress me.

I don't know if Harry's still the same person nowadays, but if he still is, which I doubt it, then this house kind of represents his soul. I mean, despite being very caring and soft with me, he was always so dark and mysterious. He always overthought everything too much and had a different vision to see the world, which concerned my uncle.

The garden had a few trees and a fountain, but I couldn't see a single flower in the garden. It really surprised me because, after all, what's a garden without flowers? This house clearly belongs to Harry and there's nothing you can say that will change my mind.

But if Harry allows me to live with him, then this house will soon be my home as well. That's when I stopped appreciating the house to really think about what it means to me. Maybe I'll leave this house for some years. I do like this house but I don't see myself leaving inside these walls, with him.  How could I not be scared?

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