What Are You Doing?

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Liam insisted on driving and well Alex wasn't one to argue so she gave up and let him and she sat in the passengers seat and took out one of her untouched sketch books, a pencil and ruler. At first she didn't know what to draw, so she sat there staring into space, then she turned a corner and you saw a meadow or what was left of one, it had one lovely sunflower in and you she decided to draw one. It reminded her of a song she used to hear. Rose girls in glass vases, perfect bodies, perfect faces, they all belong in magazines. Those girls the boys are chasing, wining all the games there playing, they always in a different league. She remembered it started. Stretching towards the sky like I don't care, wishing you could see me standing there. Then someone shouting took her out of her thoughts. 

"HOW THE HELL IS SHE HERE?!" It was Chubs, as he looked out the windows on the back doors. "Who's here?" Alex asked setting your sketch book back into her bag. "Okay don't freak out," Chubs started but Liam interrupted. "God sake, Chubs, who's here?" Chubs came away from the window and said. "It's Lady Jane mate. Lady Jane is here."  That's impossible, Alex thought to herself. "How I thought what you did would make her stay away," Liam said in his stressed voice. "It was, SHIT," Alex replied, kinda yelling the last part. "What," Chubs asked as Zu came up beside him. "Clancy wanted to know how I did it but I don't know how I did it and we were trying to figure it out. Maybe he figured out how to and how to reverse it without telling me and when he found out we left, maybe he found Lady Jane, reversed it and told her made her come find us and take us back to the camps," she  explained. The idea did not seem that crazy if she was to be honest. "Why would he do that though," Liam asked. "To punish us for leaving," Chubs answered as his eyes glowed green, a clear indication he was using his power. 

"What do we do?" Liam asked. "We drive. Fast," Alex replied and just like that Liam accelerated and Lady Jane fell behind but it wasn't long before she caught up.  Not long after Liam sped up Lady Jane appeared beside the van and started ramming into the van. "Anybody got any ideas on how to get rid of her, other than driving fast cause that clearly isn't working," Liam said, frustration clear in his voice. "I have an idea. Zu come up here and strap in," Alex said, not sure if her plan would work. "Chubs I could use help," she finished, getting up off her seat so Zu could sit down.

Alex walked into the back of the van and stood facing the side door, when lady Jane rammed into the van, causing both you and Chubs to fall. "You guys okay?" Liam asked, glancing back. "Yeah, we're good," Chubs replied, reaching out a hand to help Alex up, you took it and got to your feet. "Liam, whatever happens, don't stop driving and don't turn around," she said and before he could answer she opened the side door and shattered the back windows of Lady Jane's car using her powers, her eyes turning purple as she did so. "Liam... this could go very wrong and I want you know that I love you, I always have," she said, turning to face him, then turning back to the open space, when she saw Lady Jane about to ram into the van again. "Alex what are you doing," Liam said, turning his attention between the girl he loved and the road. She didn't answer.

When Lady Jane rammed into the van, Alex didn't fall back like Chubs did, instead she tucked and rolled into the back of Lady Janes car. "ALEX!" Liam shouted. "KEEP DRIVING!" She yelled back as Lady Jane slammed on the breaks. She was thankful to see Liam didn't stop driving instead he kept driving like she said. "You're one stupid girl," Lady Jane said as she turned the car around and started driving. She pressed a button and Alex was out cold. Knock out gas cool. Alex thought as she started feeling very drowsy. "Clancy will be pleased," she heard Lady Jane say. Then she was out, cold.

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