Meaning of Life ➻ CH 2. Hello, Baby!

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Chapter Two | Hello, Baby!

Bookcover made by Ambrophobia

January 2016

The next morning Eirene got up when the alarm clock go off at 8:30AM. She smiled as she turned to see the baby was up and cooing at her. Her brown eyes shining.

"Hey Al." Eirene cooed to the little one from her bedside.

"Did you sleep well beautiful girl?" She asked the baby who gurgled. Eirene sat up grabbing the little one from her bassinet.

"You're such a sweet little thing." Eirene said doting over the young one.

There was a knock on her door then it opened to reveal Catherine carrying Charoltte in her arms.

"Oh my Goodness, I never thought I would see you with a baby but you look so natural." Catherine said walking up to the bed.

"Thank you, Katie, and hey Char!" Eirene said cooing at the toddler. "This is your new cousin, Aleda." She said showing the infant to the toddler.

"Baby." Charoltte said pointing to Aleda.

"Yes, baby." Catherine said.

"Do you want to take pictures so you can have some to print out and frame for now?" Catherine suggested getting her cell phone out.

"Yes, that would be great." Eirene said.

The two girls smiled for the camera as Catherine clicked the flash went off.

"Aww, you two are adorable. Anyway, I brought you some things to help out with Adela until you go out to buy everything." Catherine said.

"Great, thank you, Katie." Eirene said.

"You're welcome, do you need any help with anything?" Catherine asked.

"Yes, with everything like what to pick out for Adela and picking a nanny." Eirene answered.

"Looks like we have a busy day ahead of us." Catherine said.

"Yes, now let me get us ready for the day." Eirene said.

"Okay, I'll call William to let him know that we won't be home for a few hours." Catherine said, typing away on her phone.

Eirene put her phone on the charger then decided to give the baby a bath then breakfast.

After giving the baby a bath, Kate helped Eirene with the little one dressing her up in a cute pink onesie with white socks.

After, she took a shower so she had Kate watch the baby for a while till she got finished. When she finished showering, she quickly dried her hair and threw it up in a ponytail, put on some light makeup, and got dressed in a simple brown sweater, jeans, white socks, and put on some boots.

She walked out about 10 minutes later and thanked the Kate for watching the little one while she got ready.

"So, Charles said that you had a DNA test ordered for Adela, have you heard from the doctor yet?" Kate asked her.

"Not yet but I'm hopefully anxious to hear what the results are and I know her biological mother did not want her, but I've adopted her, I just want to make sure her biological father doesn't try anything." She smiled as she watched Charoltte and the baby play as she sat there with her toys surrounding her.

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