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The end

"I'm sorry" jisujg said as he looked at minho into his eyes it broke minho to pieces he thought he could have a chance but no seems like he doesn't.

"It's ok I can wa-"minho said but got cut off by the younger laughing none stop which confused the older "whats so funny jisung?" the taller asked but he could only hear the shorter laughing well that is weird.

"Your reaction is soo funny I'm joking hahahah i love u too idiot hahahaha"jisung laughed as he hugged the older tightly not letting go he was thankful for minho so much and he sure fell for him how can someone hate lee minho? He would be stupid.

"Aish you idiot you scared me don't do that again"minho pouted receiving a peck on the lips which made the older smirk.

"So lets go?" "yep"

After that day both started going out more and have fun with their friends seungmin and minho even started getting along which was surprising but it made jisung happy he was happy with minho and he loved him maybe they are meant to be but no one knows what the future holds but they didn't care right now all they wanted is each other and if someone tries to break them it wouldn't work because their love is bigger.

The end

Well that was a long ass ride
But noww i dare u is finished hope yall liled this shitty story plz check out my new story for chensung 'rumor' it will be a fun story to write thanks for all the people who supported me from the beginning of this story love y'all bye!!!

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