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Even though Taehyung had sworn that he would not get drunk but there he was in his room along with Tae He. Both had a wine glass intertwined in their fingers with the expensive wine poured into it as they sipped it slowly. Both had no intention of getting drunk because they were slowly drinking it but time swayed their senses.

They both sat on the floor with their backs resting on the bed. The wine was so intoxicating and not to mention how expensive Tae He felt by drinking it. Though they had been different personalities their drunk selves were quite the same. Both quite and deep in their thoughts.

"Yah Tae He I have something to confess." Taehyung slurred out his words.

"Hum what is it?" Tae He mumbled under her breath.

"You know I once broke into your house." He said putting his fingers under the chin as if trying to remember something about that day.

"And what about it?" Tae He seemed so unbothered of what he was saying because of the influence of the wine on her nerves.

"You know that assignment that we both had exactly the same."

"Huh, I remember..."

"Well, it's because I broke into your house and took pictures of it." Taehyung laughed it out after he said that, not being one bit ashamed of his act of cheating someone's hard work.

"It's okay..." Tae He said shaking her head, not caring about it anymore.

"....but You know what." She put her glass down and looked into Taehyung's eyes to gain his attention.

"That girl...what was her name" she scratched her head to remember,"Song Min He." She snapped her fingers as she remembered that girls name.

"Yeah Song Min He..." Taehyung nodded his head to what she was saying.

"I heard that she had sex with this one guy, broke his dick while having it."

"Ohhhh what she really did that!?" His expressions exaggerated at this new discovery of his supposed crush. Tae He nodded pityly that what the boy was going to get himself into.

"I was shook too. Ahh, I don't know just don't get into her. Isn't your friend precious to you?"

"No, it is." Taehyung shook his head, putting a hand over his crotch, fearing that something might happen to it.

"Ah, I wished to have my first kiss with her." He pouted as he said. What a shocker was it for Tae He who opened her mouth in suprisement that The Kim Taehyung had not had his first kiss yet.

"What Kim Taehyung, you haven't had your first kiss?" Tae He laughed at how the words sounded as they came out. Taehyung got irritated by her mocking him and that hitting his soft spot.

"Like as if you had yours." He scoffed at her to which once again Tae He was shaken. How did he even know that? A secret she felt ashamed to share because she was 23 by now and hadn't had her first kiss. The same went for Taehyung, she wanted to tease him without letting him know that she was the same case.

"Omo, how did you know?"

"So I was really right about it."

"Ahh, I can't believe you played that trick on me." Tae He said in defeat by throwing her hands on the ground.

"So then how about we share our first kiss because like everyone we know probably isn't virgins anymore so it would be unfair to us to give our virgin selves to them," Taehyung said moving his head from side to side and waving his hands around.

"Hum you're right, I guess..." She said putting back her glass of the floor.

"Okay then."

Taehyung definitely not thinking right that moment nor was Tae He who too agreed on something they both would regret afterwards. He pushed himself nearer to her, her arms rested beside her body as they both crooked their hands towards each other with their lips slightly pouted.

Both of their lips finally met each other. Taehyung had small and thin lips that were created with precision, whereas Tae He's bottom lips were plum. Their lips stayed on their place until finally, Taehyung moved them feeling amazing with every crease. Her fists were clenched around her shirt. They both wanted to go back to reality but this was way too good to go, it was making them feel over the moon. Heart pounding against the chest as if they were going to have a cardiac arrest.

Taehyung couldn't take it anymore as he took her face in his hands, pushed her lips harder on his. Tae He was pushed back on her back as Taehyung was on top of her, kissing her dearly. He pulled away by lastly biting onto her bottom lip.

"Tae He what are you doing to me?"


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