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"Hey! Is your mom going to school this coming Saturday?"

I don't know what to say. Sure my mother is perfect for them but I know better.

"Yes.... of course she will come" geez I know my voice is full of hate now.

"Ha! You really hate your mother I hope you won't regret it though,ya know what I mean she's still your mama"


"Right so cheer up will ya"

"Easy for you to say"

Kell just roll her eyes on me. This is my only friend in the classroom when I said ONLY won't consider her as my best of friend.

She's a b*tch to me y'know she just drag me where ever she wants to go even if I don't want.

But still I'm glad that she just stick on her own business.

"Casey I'm not saying that you will forgive her easily cause if my mama did that to me I will probably leave the hell out of our house"

"Look who's talking the one who talk back to her mother like they're pal or something". I sigh and just turn my attention to my doodles.

Drawing is my past time. Well I'm not saying that I'm good at it but I think it's not that bad either.

For the second time kell just roll her eyes on me. Yeah she likes doing that I hope her eyeballs will not sock out of its socket.

"I'm wondering why I'm even friends with you. Such a b*tch"


Oh please I know that she's used to my attitude now she's just overreacting.

I look at my drawing it's a star that have rainbows on its side.

I love looking at the sky mostly at night it makes me calm.

Time pass and Mrs.Agenta came she's our home room teacher.

"Morning  to all of you just wanted to remind you that your test will be next week so I hope that you will study and review all your subject especially to those who always failed their exams"

Mrs.Agenta is my guardian when mom is not in home well frequently.

She's a widow woman since she start here teaching 5 years ago. Probably she age 35-40 yrs.old coz she never told us about herself. She have brown curly hair,brown eyes and fair skin. In short Mrs.Agenta is gorgeous even in her age.

After discussion and all the bell rings.

"Thank God I probably die if this will take any longer"

"Your ass is just lazy"

"Well thats because I'm not a nerdy nerd like you"

I just shake my head at her.

I'm about to leave the room when my teacher call me.

"Casey! Can we just talk for just 10 minutes I promise this won't take long"

"You said that for I don't know a zillion times"

" Well I'm going now see ya tomorrow Casey" ah! I want to pull her hair out cause of that smirk on her face that kell b*tch.

"Ya stay safe ". I said to her through gritted teeth.

She just stick her tounge out to me.
And freaking left.

I face my teacher with a bored face
to show her that I'm not interested whatever she wants to say probably about mom again.

"Ya wanted to talk about mom"

"Actually I wanted to talk about you Casey"

She is serious her voice is just stoic as her face.

Ugh.Now what?


Casey and kell on the multimedia.

Yeah I used blackpink rosé and jennie
Cause why not? I love them 😍


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