Chapter 17

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Mina's POV

Its been 1 day with out food and water. I was still waiting for my Chaeyoung to come.. Is he gonna come and save me? I am starving..My hands and legs are still tied up. Blood were on the rope because of friction from struggling.

"I DON'T CARE.. YOU BETTER DO WHAT I TOLD YOU TO DO" I heard Bambam shouting at his cell phone.

He's anger can be seen on his face as he's face was red. He grip his phone tightly as he ended his call. He walked towards me angryly as he raised his fist and gave me a hard punch across my face.

"DON'T WANT TO LISTEN TO ME RIGHT?YOU WILL GET IT.." Bambam shouted while giving my slaps

He was raising his anger on me. He kept on punching me until he finally got his sense back.

"Shittt...I am sorry.."He shouted as he cupped my face

I tried to get his hands off my face but I can't since my hands and legs are tied. My tear continue to drip from my face. After a few minutes, he just left me there crying.

Chaeyoung's POV

Time skip
After school

I gathered Jeongyeon, Tzuyu and Momo for a little talk about how I will save Mina.

"I know where Mina is. But i need your help." I said

"How did you know where she is?" Momo asked while chewing on jokbal.

"I heard his friend talking about it. I hope yall with help me." I said

"Of course we will help you." Jeongyeon said

"I already ask Momo's father for some guns. So don't worry. Just help me knock down the guards then I will face Bambam myself." I said to them.

We will meet at Momo's house to meet his father after we prepare our own things. I got home and changed to a black shirt and black joggers since I know there will be some fighting later. I ate my lunch as I drove to Momo's house. I saw Jeongyeon's and Tzuyu's car already outside Momo's house. I walked inside their house to see my friends and his dad talking.

"Sorry for being late.." I said and bowed to Momo's father.

"Its okay..Come..We were waiting for you.." Momo's father started leading us to a room.

We followed quietly until we reached the room. He opened the room filled with guns.

"This is what yall are here for right?" Momo's father said while smiling.

"I had picked a few best guns for yall..Its on the table. And I just found out I have only 3 bulletproof vest.."

We walked towards the table. And saw the guns.

" I will not take the bulletproof vest..Yall can use it." I said

"No..You are going against Bambam..You need the vest.." They asked him unison

"Its okay..Yall need to protect yourself too..I learnt martial arts since I was a child so don't worry.." I gave them an assuring smile.

Time skip

We were all in our own car driving to the destination.

'Mina, I am coming..I will save you..I love you..' I said to myself as I smiled brightly

We reached the destination..

It was an abandon house..

The house was dirty and dark..

I peeked through the window and saw Bambam pouring water over Mina's mouth. I saw the Mina said saying something while crying then I saw Bambam gave him a heard slap. I wanted to rush inside but Tzuyu held me back and mouth 'don't rush..There is guards'

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