Rules List, Guidelines & Character List

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1: No noncon or minors whatsoever. I will automatically delete the request.
2: I'm willing to write lgbt+ readers with the slashers.
3: If I accidentally get something wrong, please politely let me know so I can fix it.
4: I do NSFW and am open to almost all kinks except CGL (I just don't feel comfortable writing it).
5: If you want to be tagged for any particular slasher, please either dm me or send me a ask and I will tag you.


Headcanons/ general fic requests

• Please let me know if you want headcanons or a general fanfic.
• Please tell me if you want any details about the reader (like plus size, sexuality, or whatever)
• The more detailed request you make, the easier it is for me to get you what you want.

Slasher Love Letters
• This is basically like a general fanfic but in a letter format from the slasher's point of view.
• Make sure you tell me what subjects you want the slasher to talk about. (I.E. conforting reader on a bad day, or wishing you luck on a test.)
• Same rules as the general fics and headcanons.

Character list
√ Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th)
√ Thomas 'Bubba' Hewitt (Texas Chainsaw massacre)
√ Human! Chucky (child's play)
√ Human! Tiffany (Child's Play)
√ Amanda (Saw)
√ Bhrams (the boy)
√ Pinhead (Hellraiser)
√ Norman Bates (psycho and Bates motel)
√ Harry Warren (My Bloody Valentine)
√ Ash (Evil Dead)
√ more will be added.

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