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chapter one : rundown
Josie sighed as her 6am alarm went off, not wanting to get out of her warm bed. It was a Wednesday meaning she had to go to classes, Mondays and Wednesdays were not her favorite days.. (the days she has classes) She hated the school, the people and even the teachers, she was only there two days a week, 7 hours a day, but it always feels like forever. Her past school in the beginning of the school year was great, she loved it.. even though her grades were bad she tried to remain happy, and she was, that was until one of her friends started drama for her with some girl.. she had sent screenshots of Josie telling her things about the girl.. and they were not bad things either but she tried to distance herself from them but it's hard when they tease the guy you like through the classroom window right in front of you, but he never knew they spoke of him like that.. He was tall, sporty, a grade higher and a redhead.. that's what they teased about "Oh look! It's cheese it!" "Josie, cheese it is looking for you" "Have fun with cheese it". Josie kept thinking that her friends involved would realize their mistakes.. but no.. it got worse, the girl who had drama with her gave a death threat and that was it.. she told her mom and they went to the Dean but all he did was give her not even a week of detention. Her mom decided to pull her out.. but Josie didn't want to leave.. her mom made a deal with her, since Josie isn't allowed to date until she's 18 her mother said that when Caleb, her crush, turns 16, which is when he's allowed to date, Josie could date him.. He had found out that she liked him through his friends, but he told her he liked her.. and for two months they've been the "it couple" at their school, even though they weren't dating, everyone thought they were because he would give her his hoodie and hug her.. they were basically a couple, she always told her friends how sweet he is and all her friends would all say "I hope you last" and Josie would always respond with "so do I". So when she told him that her mom made an exception for him, she thought he would be excited but instead he told her that she was "about to get friendzoned" because he "wasn't ready for a relationship" and she understood that but it hurt her. Then a couple weeks after that, Josie was on instagram and she noticed that Caleb tagged one of his friends on his story and said to follow him. So she followed his friend.. no biggie, right? Wrong. That night when Josie was at ballet, Caleb direct messaged her on instagram saying that it was kind of weird that she "followed everyone he followed" and when she responded saying that she didn't, he told her that he never liked her and that she was obsessive.. just because she talked about how sweet he was.. It didn't bother her that he said he never liked her.. it bothered her that he led her on for two months. But now she doesn't have to worry about him anymore and she won't make the same mistakes.

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